5 Best Cruiser Bikes for Beginners
5 Best Cruiser Bikes for Beginners

Cruiser Bikes are not as famous around the world as are mountain bikes, but slowly people are beginning to understand the utility of cruiser bikes.

Those who are seeking comfort especially for everyday commute to frequently visited places like grocery or school, cruiser bikes are the way to go.

But what are some of the good cruiser bikes for beginners? Cruiser bikes come in many different styles and shapes. Some are heavy with designs inspired by cruiser motorcycles, others are slim and slender that speak of ‘cuteness’ from all corners.

This list of cruiser bikes for starters should give you an overall idea about the variety of beach cruisers that you can get interested in.

This is not an ordered list.

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1. Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary Cruiser Bicycle / Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary Cruiser Bicycle

This is an affordable and functional cruiser bicycle for women. This bike reminds you of the time when bikes were simple with handlebars, comfortable large seat, single-speed, fenders, rear carrier, and a kickstand.

The reason this bike is listed here is because of its simplicity in design. If you are looking for a plain and down to earth cruiser bicycle for starters, then here is a good bike for you.

Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary

Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary
Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary

 Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary

 Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary
Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary


2. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle/ Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Firmstrong really needs no introduction when it comes to the quality of their bikes. Although the Firmstrong Urban line of beach cruiser is more expensive than the Schwinn Sanctuary listed above, it’s the biggest strong point is that it has received flawless reviews from its customers.

Maintaining a high build quality standard, the Firmstrong Urban is the wisest choice for beginners. Its build quality is matched only by its comfortable cruising experience.

This bike is available in several speed, color and customization options. Also on select colors and models, you can find deep discounts on this cruiser bicycle.

Firmstrong Urban Lady

good cruiser bikes for beginners
Firmstrong Urban Lady

 Firmstrong Urban Man

best starter cruiser bikes

3. SixthreeZero Men’s In The Barrel


Not only is this bike of top-notch quality, but the customer service of SixThreeZero is second to none. It has an unmatched design that will most certainly turn heads. This is yet another good cruiser bicycle for beginners if jaw-dropping aesthetics is what appeals to you. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive therefore not recommended if affordability is your prime requirement. However, if you are looking for the quality of $700 cruiser bike in half the price, then this should satisfy you. This bike is available in 3 speed and single speed options.

starter cruiser bikes
SixthreeZero Men’s In The Barrel

4. SixthreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser

Price: $289-$399

Like the SixThreeZero In the Barrel for Men, this is one of the best cruiser bikes for beginners. It perfectly combines the retro style with modern touch making it one of the cutest bikes in the market.

With a fresh style, out of the box design, functionality, premium built quality and unmatched customer service, this should be the go-to bike for most starters. Once again, unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive cruiser bikes for women on this list. This is mainly because SixThreeZero does not compromise on its quality. This bike is available in singles and three-speed options.

cruiser bicycle for beginners
SixthreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser

5. Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser / Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser

Price: $249

If you are looking for a cruiser bicycle with the style of a SixThreeZero in the Barrel or SixThreeZero Women’s beach cruiser but are not willing to pay as high a premium, then critical cycles should provide you with a good alternative.

Many satisfied customers have labeled these bikes as the best bikes for the money.

Although you cannot expect the quality to be same as that of SixThreeZero, if you do not have the ability to sense the nuances of bicycling as the pros do, then why spend more on something that you don’t understand completely.

Take my advice, if I were looking for a cruiser bike for beginners I would give precedence to affordability and go for this bike.

Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser

affordable women's cruiser bike
Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser


Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser

affordable cruiser bike
Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser