Beach Cruiser Bike Santa Barbara
Beach Cruiser Bike Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara bike path, occasionally signed as the coast path, starts at Shoreline Park, a long but fragile area encompassing the bluffs just west of the Santa Barbara part.

Popular Bike Trails in Santa Barbara 

The park provides tons of places for BBW and picnic, equipment for children to enjoy, and a stairway leading down to the shore, where you can enjoy a quiet walk along with cliffs whole the way to Arroyo Burro Beach.

The trial continues northeast from Beach Park as the coastal path with stunning views of the beach.

At the path’s eastern end, the ANDREE Clark Bird Refuge, a forty-two-acre brackish wetland, gives a safe heave for a diverse bird counting.

There’re self-guided interpretive as well as environmental visits along this stretch of the path.

Note that the dust trail along the refuge’s lake’s northern sea is open and walkers only.

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What Makes Santa Barbara Great

This bike trail becomes particularly crowded with runners and bikers on the weekends and in the summertime.

Public restrooms and restaurants are available. Free and paid parking is also available.

It is an enjoyable, mellow place to cruise along the beach. It is a fine place to bring the kiddos, too, since it is a smooth, paved trail.

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Who is going to love Santa Barbara Trail?

Those happy to visit the beach will truly appreciate the ease and access of the bike route.

Although crowded at times, Santa Barbara is family-friendly and is a fine spot to a job, walk, pedal or rollerblade.

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Parking, Directions, and Regulations

There’re many access points – the bike trail begins in downtown Santa Barbara and can be easily accessed from many areas.

If you are downtown, Cabrillo Boulevard has the best common access for this place.

Santa Barbara Fiesta Cruiser Run

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