Beach Cruiser Bike Ocean Parkway New York
Beach Cruiser Bike Ocean Parkway New York

In New York City, the Ocean parkway was built in the post-war 30s to give entrée to the crown jewel of the state area, Jones Beach.

Unlike the old road, though, this one travels each and west only recently added a bike traffic pathway.

Ocean Parkway Bike Path: A Historic Ride To Brooklyn’s 

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NYC’s ocean parkway parallels its make shake roadway nearly four miles among the trail further each to CAPTREE State Park for a possible total of 15 miles.

The trail starts where the Ellen FARRANT memorial Bikeway, at ZARCH Bay. The path borders the north side of the parkway, separated from a grassy guardrail and median.

The bay is to your left for about the first 3rd of your journey. As you set off, you acquire a postcard – a fantastic panorama of the theater sitting right on the shore of the water, but the vegetation very soon raises high enough to form a screen.

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As you ride on, the vegetation flattens out in areas, opening up the marchland sights beyond.

Trails markers painted on the asphalt assist you in tracking how far you have gone.

About the middle way, a Jones Beach State Park sign appears in the park’s signature Art Deco theme, a style that’s echoed in several of the park’s other buildings, including in iconic beach Jones Beach, looming to the west of the trail.

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The trail ends at To Bay in the Oyster Bay town, where it loops around for a very smooth transition back to the starting mark.

Bikes are prohibited on the shore, but there are plenty of parking spaces outside the turnstile entryway.

To Bay Beach features some wonderful water parks, restaurants, and a marina.

On holidays and weekends, the beach is for town residents only, but non-residents can access it for free on weekdays.

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Biking NYC: Shore Parkway Bike Path in Brooklyn

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