Beach Cruiser Bike Putnam Trailway New York
Beach Cruiser Bike Putnam Trailway New York

Putnam Trail way New York is a part of a huge rail-trail system and North Country Trail-Way that starts in Brewster, New York, and ends in NYC.

This path is only a short area of the complete rail trail path.

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This is a very well paved and maintained rail-trail that’s ideal for families and other activities.

Along the way, a few benches to rest your legs or get a fast bit. The path from the north end starts in decline before leveling out and meandering. This way, it crosses the lake through the land bridge before doing a small climb.

After some time, there’s one part of the path with a steep climb and might need some to dismount their bicycles and walk. After this, the path continues to wind via mostly dense tree coverage with a few countryside views.

The paved path –part of the NY’s developing 750 mile Empire State building – begins at the old passenger depot.

Though the Putnam Trail way New York slopes downhill toward Brewster from here, there’re some short, steep climbs in the wooded watersheds surrounding lakes, nature, and reservoirs on the north side.

The following path follows through the residential and commercial area and arrives in Mahopac, about 2.2 miles at an old railway depot that is currently American Legion Hall.

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The hamlet encircles the five hundred acre lake Mahopac. Although the shoreline is privately owned, marinas rent boats for all those who wish to fish.

The path Crossing Croton Falls on the route out of Mahopac, the path goes a hardwood forest that covers the way nearly to Brewster.

The bike trail ends at Putnam Trail way New York, but work is underway for a 0.5-mile span pedestrian bridge across the path, brook, rail yard, and a swampy area to join the Brook Train Path.

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Riding Through The Putnam Trail & South County Trailway 

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