Beach Cruiser Bike Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path Long Beach
Beach Cruiser Bike Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path Long Beach

Ride, glide, or stride along the shoreline on the beach from Alamitos Bay to Shoreline town. This 3.1m bike trail is a 17ft wide concrete path on the beach, expanding from the Alamitos Bay on the west to 54th place on the east side.

A 26ft size lane for bikes and a 5ft lane is for pedestrians. You can rent bikes, skates, beach umbrellas, and seats through your visit to Shoreline Pedestrian.

The Shoreline Pedestrian bike path was initiated by citizens who desired to link an existing twenty-nine bike path system.

City capital enhancements funds were matched with the LA county Transportation Commission grant.

This Shoreline Pedestrian bike path was completed in Jan 1988.

The long shoreline city has 4 other main classes, one bike paths within its boundaries, encompassing over sixty miles.

The city also has several Class 2 ways that are printed lane on paths and three paths linking bike trails with shared roads with four wheels.

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  • San Gabriel River Bike path – this twenty-eight-mile bike path runs along the San Gabriel River via El Dorado and expands to the street areas bikeway near the Alamitos Bay shoreline.
  • LA river bike path – this 29.1 miles long bike path runs along the east part of the LA River and expands downtown Marina as well as Shoreline Aquatic Park Bike path.
  • Heart Well Park Path – this 2.5-mile bike path runs via the 162 acre Heart well park. This bike path also connects with the San Gabriel River bike path and several Class 2 bike trails.
  • El Dorado Park Bike Trail – this four-mile bike trail runs via the 450 acres of wonderful El Dorado regional park. It connects with the San Gabriel Bike path in several areas.

Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path is a 7.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail near Long Beach, California, that features beautiful wildflowers and is good for all skill levels. One of the beaches in Long Beach. Open all year to everybody.

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Long Beach Bike Ride Shoreline Village to Belmont Shore – Relaxing Virtual Cycling


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