Caloi Rio Cruz Beach Cruiser
Caloi Rio Cruz Beach Cruiser

Caloi beach cruiser bicycles, or beach cruisers, have a special place in cycling as they are known.

Call it leisurely, casual, or “laid-back” biking.

These bikes are meant to offer the Cadillac-ride of bikes with comfy, wide handlebars, and ballroom tires that make for a perfect ride.

Beach cruiser bikes represent the best cool in 2 wheeled transport to and from the beach.

Although the name advises that it is just a beach bicycle, a beach cruiser is also a remarkable choice for riding around town or from or to work.

Frame material Caloi Beach Cruiser

Alloy, steel, or aluminum are the most general materials used for a beach cruiser frame.

Aluminum is the lightest but is stiffer and more costly than steel, which faxes a little amount, providing a relaxing ride.

The top beach cruiser frames tend to have a classic stretched out styling.


Coaster brakes are general on beach cruiser bikes. To stop, you pedal backward.

You may find beach cruisers with rim brakes fitted.

There may be a single front rim brake in addition to the rear coaster brake or a rim brake at the rear and front.

Either way, you need to be capable to trust your brakes to stop you reliably each time.

Caloi Rio Cruz Beach Cruiser
Caloi Rio Cruz Beach Cruiser


Most beach cruisers are single-speed or three-speed.

A single-speed beach cruiser bike is easy to ride because all you have to perform is get on and pedal.

You do not need to hesitate about shifting gears, and there are no hard mechanisms to keep maintained and clean.


Beach cruiser tires are wide for relaxation. Although wider tires weight more and make it difficult for you to accelerate, speed is not your top priority on a beach cruiser.

The big volume of balloon tires absorbs little bumps, providing you the feeling that you are floating via the streets.

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