Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Review
Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Review

An affordable sturdy, comfortable and durable beach cruiser bike perfect for starters.

Cruiser bikes are designed for comfort and ease of ride; something that every bike enthusiast seeks. These aspects are more important to those who like to take a stroll around their neighborhood and go to their college or school in style. These bikes have just recently become quite mainstream.

Cruiser bikes were not the most demanding bikes a few years back due to their old and “un-modern” look. However, with the new sophisticated styles, these cruiser bikes have won the hearts of many. They are increasingly becoming popular with teens and tweens of the new age.

If you are new to cruiser bikes, or if you do not understand the minute details of these bikes then Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Bike is a great bike to go for. This is one of the most affordable single speed beach cruiser bikes in the market.

By that I mean, it is one of the few quality cruiser bikes that are affordable and worth every penny.

Also, I would personally suggest you go for a single-speed bike. Single-speed bikes are easy to maintain because they have fewer moving parts.

You will not have to deal with the bike breaking down due to mechanical failure in the gear system. Single-speed bikes are excellent for flat terrain. They also have a clean, cable-less look that the cruiser bikes with 3 speed and 7-speed lack.

Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser

Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Review
Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Review

This is a bike that is only cheap in terms of the price tag. It has excellent aesthetics that are on par with Firmstrong Urban Lady and even SixThreeZero Women’s Cruiser.

It has the same curves and seating style that is boasted in bikes that are at least $50 more expensive.

The bike is surprisingly easy to unpack as well as assemble, something that is a nuisance for most bikes that are delivered inboxes. The bike is solid. It is heavier than normal bikes just as a cruiser bike is supposed to be. It has large balloon tires built for pavement and flat tracks.

One of the most lucrative aspects of this deal is that all the colors of this bike are available at the same price. Often when getting beach cruisers, you will find that bike costs differently depending on the color you choose.

This is quite frustrating as most of the time the color of your choice would be more expensive. With this bike, you can choose the color to satisfy your style without having to pay more.

Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Review
Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser Review

What do the People Say About this Bike?

Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Bike is one of the most affordable quality bikes in the market and many customers have highlighted the outstanding value for money that you get with this bike.

Many have also suggested and recommended this bike as a great starter cruiser bike. There is no point in spending a lot on something that you do not know how to utilize to its full potential.

Other than that, the bike has received almost perfect reviews. It has received rare negative reviews, but even then the swift and outstanding customer service by Critical Cycles has already addressed the concerns of the customer proving once again that this is a flawless bike in all perspectives.