Beach Cruiser Bike Central Park New York
Beach Cruiser Bike Central Park New York

More than forty million is the average number of tourists welcomes by Central Park NYC on any given year, drawn in as much by the charm as its celebrity.

There is an extremely little this 1.3 square miles green space does not provide Manhattan’s nature server peoples.

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Oh yeah, and the view is not too shabby either. For serious bikers, though, the park fame has come at a price.

What was once a 6.2m loop teeming with tri-groups has steadily transitioned into a lot restrictive area for bikers, due in huge part to the series of high profile pedestrian accidents, ticketing has become a common area, particularly around the stoplights and the limit of speed has been dropped to yawn include 10 miles per hour.

This is not to say that renting a bicycle and pedalling Central Park NYC for yourself is the worst idea, quite the contrary, with its fresh air, hills, and quintessential, NY views, this is an almost impossible choice for visiting bikers to pass up.

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If you wish to get the most out of what’s still one of Manhattan’s most pristine contiguous bike paths, we have put together a list of some things of need to know that’ll help mitigate any unwanted things along the way.

  • Stay on the road – off-road cycling or biking on pedestrian trails is prohibited. Your safest wager for a hassle-free path is to stay on the married roadway.
  • Go with the follow – no issue where you are starting from, the traffic biking around Central Park’s long loop moves in counterclockwise sides. Always go right when you enter.
  • Come early – if you wish to minimize the risk of receiving a ticket for surpassing the twenty miles per hour limit, consider starting your bike ride either early in the morning.

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Riding Bikes in Central Park | New York City

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