Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Trail California
Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Trail California

The Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Trail California stretches eighteen miles from Castroville.

This well-known trail hugs the coast, following a similar path as the old southern pacific railway.

Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

The rec bike trail is the best way for families to reach the Cannery Row and Monterey Bay Aquarium, the American Tin Cannery outlet mall, The Fisherman’s Wharf, and many more – avoiding busy highways and parking hassles.

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Biking and Kayaking

Along with Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, victors can rent bikes, kayaks, inline skates from many local stores.

There’re many areas to stop and get a bite to eat on the path, or you can pack a picnic and spread a night blanket out on one of the path’s many grassy fields.

All the while, you’ll enjoy elegant and stunning views of Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, where you can watch sea lions and sea otters in their organic environment.

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Rules and Regulations

The Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Trail California has 2 lanes, just like a regular street. Please stay in the correct line, as you’d if you were driving.

If you are traveling with a big group, leave enough room for all others who’re enjoying biking to get by.

All dogs must be leashed on the Monterey Bay Coastal path. For your safety, look at both sides before crossing any path.

The pacific groove of the Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Trail CL has separate sides for pedestrians and cyclists.

Please be respectful of all others who’re using the path, and stick to the space that’s specific to your activity.

See the city of official Monterey’s page on the Cruiser Bike Monterey Bay Coastal California path for more details on the rules and regulations to visit there.

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Biking the Monterey Costal Trail – Castroville to Pacific Grove, CA

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