ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike
ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike

The primary fat tire e-bike we wish to show off is the 500W from the best company called ECOTRIC.

It’s one of the most delicate and most influential names in fat tire electronic bikes, and for the best reasons.

Features ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike

This ECOTRIC 26 inches E-bike model has a max speed of 20 miles per hour, an adjustable battery, and a mileage of 19 miles.

It weighs only 58lbs and has a max load capacity of 260lbs.

There’re reasons why this is a top-selling fat tire electronic bike. It is solidly built out of aluminum allow and has 26″ wheels, making it an excellent option for bike riders of any standard of experience.

Furthermore, the ECOTRIC 26 inches E-bike comes with several add tonal features that make it the best value product.

The tires are not just waterproof but skidproof, which keeps the e-bike secure on several surfaces such as snow and sand.

It has a solid braking unit that’s quite responsive and a pedal help mode also a waking help mode.

One of our favorite things about it has the seven-speed Shimano gear system.

This is a beneficial feature we use whenever it’s available as it allows you manually change the maximum speed to your liking.

This provides you with lots of freedom over how the speeding of your e-bike rides.

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The ECOTRIC 26 inches E-bike is the best fat tire bike that’s fun, comfortable, safe, and dependable. One would have to be highly picky not to enjoy all it has to provide.

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Buy ECOTRIC UL Certified 750W Electric Bike 26" Fat Tire Adult Electric Bicycles 48V 13AH Removable Lithium Battery Ebike with Suspension Fork Aluminium Frame Beach Snow Mountain
ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle 26 “Fat Tire Bike

The ECOTRIC electric bicycle fat tire bike 26″ is one of those uncommon, standard-size electric trail-blazing bicycles offering a completely collapsing outline. Nowadays, these plans are more earnestly to stop, as many collapsing eBike models embrace a more modest, metropolitan use plan.

Be that as it may, the ECOTRIC electric bicycle fat tire bike 26″ proudly flaunts a brutal plan, with 26″ fat tires offering riders more noteworthy grasp and control on various exciting landscapes.

Closely, the responsive front and backplate slow down additional proposition riders upgraded control during quick and unexpected stops. So, let’s know more about ECOTRIC electric bicycle fat tire bike 26″.

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ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike 26″ Review:

Offering rough terrain usefulness and slope climbing limit, the ECOTRIC impeccably suits use in metropolitan and national conditions; adjusted for both sides of the road and rugged terrain use.

With everything taken into account, the ECOTRIC indeed is an all-around assembled, at this point financially savvy electric trail blazing bicycle stuffed loaded with highlights.

Find more about this great collapsing mountain eBike underneath in the remainder of our ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike 26″ survey.

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We continue to the speed, power, and distance segment of our ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike 26″ electric off-road bicycle survey.

Controlled by a genuinely modest 500 W engine, this mountain eBike offers a maximum velocity of up to 20 mp/h, with the standard scope of approx.

Riders can take it significantly further in pedal help, crushing out a couple of additional miles and getting a few activities. Moreover, riders have an assortment of modes to browse, including pedal-just, accelerated help, and choke just methods.

Close by this. The 7-speed transmission framework implies riders will continuously have the ideal stuff for their circumstance.

Even though there is no affirmed assertion on the climbing grade of the ECOTRIC, we had the option to observe surveys guaranteeing the quality of up to 35 degrees!

Assuming this is valid, handling precarious landscape and tremendous slopes represents no danger to this excellent electric off-road bicycle. It is considered one of our best electric bicycles for pitches.

Weight of up to 220 lbs (100 kg)! The entirety of this restorative power and execution, while as yet supporting a maximum. If it’s not too much trouble, note factors, for example, rider weight, landscape, climate, slant, and so on, will affect general execution.

We continue to the battery duration and charging part of our ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike 26″ survey and ostensibly one of the most significant.

Everybody needs a quick charging, high-limit battery to assist with conveying long reach and a strong presentation.

The ECOTRIC’s completely removable 36V 12ah Lithium-particle battery brings about riders ready to charge their battery from any place without any problem. The battery likewise gets in to put on the bicycle, to forestall misfortune or robbery. Close by this.

Tragically, this mountain eBike isn’t fitted with regenerative slowing down, albeit this is justifiable when sold for an exceptionally sensible cost.

While not one of the quickest charging electric bicycles, the ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike 26″ conveys a genuinely sensible charge season of 5-8 hours; still far quicker than many also estimated contenders that take an abundance of 12+ hours to charge.

Moreover, the choke scope of up to 23 miles matched with charge time additionally makes the ECOTRIC 26″ a practical driving eBike, close by likewise fitting rough terrain and sporting use.

Have confidence, the batteries fitted in this electric trail blazing bicycle are generally excellent Lithium-particle cells liable to last 3+ years. Figure out additional about the battery details of the ECOTRIC electric bicycle fat tire bike 26″ beneath.

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  • Substitution batteries are bounty and sensible. It simply takes some exploration.
  • The battery is a standard plan utilized in numerous applications. You simply need to match the base and volts (36v).
  • Modest and fits extraordinary.
  • You can utilize the slide lock equipment accompanying the additional battery to lock it onto the rack.
  • The fat tires are extraordinary on my rock streets, yet they turn out great out on the cleared bicycle ways.
  • A strong battery allows it to reach the speech of 23 miles per hour
  • Stunning look and solid build
  • Easy to read display
  • Able to bring the battery to the office or home to recharge
  • Mechanical as well as outage braking units give acceptable security
  • Greta’s performance on several roads


  • It takes a long time to charge.
Buy Ecotric 26 In. 36 V 500 W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26 x 4 In. Removable Battery 7-Speed Online in India. 677873383
ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike

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The Ecotric Vortex is a quick and robust Class 2 suitable electric bicycle that we feel is the most appropriate for driving and city riding.

This bicycle’s 350W back center point engine packs and punch with a fast speed increase, a top choke speed of 20 mph, and the most impressive average speed during our distance range test. The three degrees of pedal help give a decent scope of help to support your accelerating endeavors.

Its 26-inch haggles city tires are quick-rolling, and this bicycle has reliable and consistently taken care of. It additionally accompanies front and back bumpers, ergonomic grasps, and a flexible stem to upgrade rider solace.

The UI is somewhat fundamental. However, it is direct and practical. We likewise tracked down it to feel a piece on the petite side, and taller riders may not view the seat stature change range as satisfactory.

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Q. What is a Fat tire E-bike?

A. A fat tire electric bicycle is an e-bike that highlights tires somewhere around 4″ wide. Fat tires have more surface region contact with the ground than regular bicycle tires, giving you better footing and a smoother ride.

Q. How long does the ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Bike battery last?

A. Have confidence. The batteries fitted in this electric trail blazing bicycle are largely top-notch Lithium-particle cells liable to last 3+ years.

Q. Where is Ecotric manufactured?

A. ECOTRIC has its R&D base and a total standard electric bicycle creation and mechanical production system.
Likewise, ECOTRIC individually set up its stockrooms in Oakland, Mobile, and Chicago and laid out an ideal dissemination and after-deals administration framework.

Q. Why Ecotric is a good company?

A. While the Ecotric fat tire bicycle has its inadequacies, it offers a proper scope of parts and specs, surpassing its modest cost.

For anybody looking for a suitable fat tire bicycle that they can flail wildly on without coddling it or agonizing over their speculation, this could be an incredible choice.

Ecotric 500W fat tire e-bike review: $850 and not bad!

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