Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review
Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

An extended frame cruiser bike for women that promises jaw-dropping aesthetics as well as a very functional design.

If you are looking for a bicycle that rides like the one that you dream of, then this is the bike to go for.

Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a quality bike manufactured by one of the most respectable brands in the cruiser bike industry, Firmstrong.

The reputation of quality bikes from Firmstrong precedes it; therefore, you can expect nothing but a flawless product with almost perfect reviews.

People prefer going for cruiser bikes if luxury and comfort are of their utmost preference. They are like the Rolls-Royce of bikes. They are built for enjoying a joyful ride around your countryside or in your neighborhood.

They are excellent for riding to and fro your frequently visited places such as college or grocery stores. The cruiser bikes offer a design that manages the rider to sit in an upright posture that puts less strain on the back making your ride comfortable.

The trend for beach bikes has just surfaced in recent times. Their signature feature, besides the upright position of the rider, is the large balloon tires.

These tires are known for their width and their grip as well as smoothness of the ride. Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle has even larger balloon tires for the smoothest possible ride on paved tracks.

Features Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review
Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

This bike is ideal for women of average height (5′-6′) as well as tall women thanks to the extended frame design.

It is available in 3 different speed options and several colors as well. Here is the list of the features that you will get in this cruiser bike.

  • 17 inch Extended Frame; 26-inch Wheels
  • Thick Top Tube
  • Speed options: single, 3 speed and 7 speed
  • Brakes: Coaster for single and 3 speed, hand brakes for 7 speed
  • Dual spring wide seat
  • Fashionista Grips
  • Rear and Front Fenders
  • 43 lbs

One of the central features of this cruiser bike is the thick top tube. It adds a bit of weight, but also adds to the looks of the bike.

Furthermore, these bikes costs differently depending on the color you choose.

The single-speed model of this bike is great for those who do not want to deal with more mechanical parts that can break down.

Single-speed bikes are easier to maintain, they are cheaper, and also look clean because they have no cables running around the handlebars.

3 speed and 7-speed bikes are excellent for hilly terrain and also for those who want to ride effortlessly. The gears can really help in riding without breaking a sweat for a long time.

Here is Why You Should Get This Bike

This beach cruiser has received almost flawless reviews. Their customers have praised Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Beach Cruiser Bicycle for their joy of the ride and also the customer service. Many have reported and have thanked the outstanding person to person customer service.

It is very rare to find a product, let alone a one that is large and prone to damage upon delivery, to have received almost perfect reviews on a platform like an amazon.

This bike; however, like all Firmstrong bikes beats that status quo.