FirmStrong Urban (Men)

I highly recommend this beach cruiser bike due to the deep discount it gives.

Now that is quite the bargain for an already reasonably priced bike.

If I were to describe this bike in word, it would be ‘simplicity.’

Simplicity has its elegance to it, as can be seen by the appealing frame of the bike.

It has simple, yet comfortable, pedal and saddle and gives the rider and upright posture.

You can purchase certain accessories for this bike, such as fenders, to personalize.

If you have an old bike that is getting a little cranky and you want an upgrade to a one that is more than capable, this best beach cruiser is the right choice.

Firmstrong Urban comes in three-speed options: single, three-speed, and seven-speed.

For most single speed is just fine, especially for neighborhoods with flat terrain.

Many prefer three speeds for the smooth climbing experience.

Those who do not want to break a sweat riding their bikes go for a 7-speed configuration.

The best thing about single speed, though, is that it is most comfortable to maintain.

The bike has a full paddle and wide seat, which adds to the comfort factor.

The minor drawback is that the chain guard is a bit frail and if dented or damaged, it can rub against the chain.

A bit of care is advised. Furthermore, like in most multiple gear bikes, the shifters may miss the gear shift.

Therefore, switching back and forth promptly could be required.

Again, these are minor issues and should not pose any challenge to your overall cruising experience.

Last updated on June 30, 2020 8:35 pm