FirmStrong Urban (Women)

This one of the best cruiser bikes for women is much similar to its Men’s counterpart.

The only visible difference is the top tube, which is curved a bit deeper.

It offers the same deep discount on select models and has the same look and feel to it.

Although it has the same wheel size options of 24″ and 26″, the frame; however, is smaller than the Firmstrong Urban for Men.

To be specific it is 15.5 inches and therefore should be comfortable for Women of 5 to 6 ft.

If you are taller, then perhaps look for bigger options.

There is plenty of color options to choose from.

This bike comes in three-speed options including single, 3 and 7.

Like I have stated earlier, if you have a flat neighborhood, a single-speed option is just great.

Single-speed is low maintenance and quite easy to manage.

It is also the least expensive option.

However, if your neighborhood has climbs and hills, then consider the 3 speed or 7 speed.

By far the smoothest ride that you can experience is from a 7-speed bike.

This cruiser bike has an oversized seat.

This is especially great if you regularly like to adjust your seating position by a small margin.

The handles and grip are just perfect for an upright posture that is the key of all beach cruisers.

Well, it is hard to think of any drawbacks.

Yes, the bike does arrive in a box and you have to assemble it yourself.

But even that is hassle-free. This is a phenomenal bike.

I have seen many products and bikes on the internet, and trust me it is very tough for any product, let alone a bike, to receive 5/5 flawless reviews by 234 customers (and counting).

The reviews definitely speak for themselves.