HICIENT Electric Bike
HICIENT Electric Bike

It can be difficult to find an e-bike that fits the brief of combining the best features of a traditional electronic bike with all of the extra features of an electric mountain bike.

But HICIENT Electric Bike does just that, pulling jointly entire of the factors to make the best quality mountain bike.

Features HICIENT Electric Bike

With a strong electric motor and class-leading range, the HICIENT Electric Bike allows any mountain e-biker to sail via the more strenuous components of the traveling while making the fun parts all the more interesting.

It is a well-known option on the market known for its amazing battery life, whisper-quiet motor, and mountain climbing performance.

It provides the best control of uneven terrain with worth for assisting bikers in climbing mountains and descent downhill smoothly.

The low center of gravity and the place of the motor allow for agility and stability when traveling downhill.

The weight of the e-bike helps when riding in particularly loose conditions.

This HICIENT Electric Bike comes with twenty speeds gear and top-notch disc brakes for reliable shifting and powerful braking, and an overall very comfortable mountain electric bike experience.

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Main features HICIENT Electric Bike

  • 21 Speed gear
  • Lithium-Ion front battery
  • LED digital panel
  • A low step-through frame
  • 500W high-speed brushless motor
  • Right stem length and handlebar angle
  • 85 percent pre-assembled

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  • Best quality material for great durability over time
  • Solid and lightweight build for to carry
  • The flexible seat allows riders flexibility to modify at will
  • Top-notch shock absorption makes certain the best riding experience for any rider
  • The bright LED headlamp and loud horn for the unimpeded ride even at dark
  • Strong motor and long-lasting battery makes the sure smooth traveling experience

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  • No fenders to shelter riders from dirt and splashes

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The best cheap (yet good) electric bicycles in 2022!

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