HOTEBIKE 36V Electric 350W Mountain e bike
HOTEBIKE 36V Electric 350W Mountain e bike

The kind of motor found in the e-bike is one o the consideration to look out for when purchasing the electric bike.

Here is a mighty and convenient electric bike that provides a top speed.

This is because a 350-watt extreme speed motor powers the bike.

Features HOTEBIKE 36V Electric Mountain e-bike

Apart from this, it has a 10 Ah lithium-ion battery that provides a very long run time, hence the most acceptable choice.

Furthermore, the HOTEBIKE 36V Electric Mountain Bike has an LCD panel for fast and straightforward bike control.

With the LED headlight, you’ll find it acceptable for biking even at night hours.

It also features the 160 disc brakes unit that gives the best all-weather stopping power.

It’s the best bike with twenty-one-speed gear to increase the mountain-climbing power.

The e-bike also has two working modes: the pedal assistant feature and the electric bike mode. Want to arrive quicker and sweat-free?

Use the power of the e-bike. You do not have to pedal.

Are you feeling energetic?

Then utilize the pedals like a regular e-bike at your speed.

In terms of power, it’s fitted with a rear hub motor that’ll take you up to the top speed of 30km per hour through the five pedal assist levels and also features a handlebar-mounted thumb throttle.

The big-screen multifunction LCD shows distance, riding speed, PAS level, temperature, and more as you ride.

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Reasons to buy HOTEBIKE 36V Electric 350W Mountain e-bike

  • Top speed geared brushless hub motor
  • Very low noise – less than 60db
  • Extreme efficiency – more than 82 percent
  • 10Ah lithium-ion battery
  • 160 discs brakes
  • 21-speed gear
  • Lightweight and stiff material

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HOTEBIKE 36V 350w Ebike Electric Bike 26″ E-Bikes for Adults

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