How to Assemble your Beach Cruiserq

Beach cruisers offer a perfect bike for those who want to relax and run along with a number of things while pedaling along.

Strap your tower or a shopping bag to the rack on the back.

Go for a smooth cruise, With frame size ranging differently from the manufacturers, the following step will ensure the perfect beach cruiser build.


  1. Put on a comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes that you will most likely wear while riding your beach cruiser.
  2. Place the post of the cruiser seat with internal pads in the seat tube. Turn the seat tube with the aid of an Allen bolt to secure the post in place.
  3. Insert the stem, found at the foot of the wheel, in the frame.  Tighten the center bolt of the stem using the Allen key. Insert a molded rubber handle on each side of the wheel. Hammer gently on the handle to push them instead.
  4. Choose tires that have a medium to smooth treat. Stretch the bands in the metal edges of your cruiser wheels. Insert the tire valve through the holes in the rims. Inflate the tires of your cruiser to recommended pressure with the aid of a pump. Align the wheels on the front and rear dropouts of the cruiser frame.
  5. Attach the wheels to the frame by reducing the hub levers, which is in the middle of the wheels. Attach a crankset on the right side of the horizontal frame tube. Attach the bicycle chain to the chainring and the rear derailleur.
  6. Attach a crank arm on both sides of the crankset using an adjustable wrench. Apply grease to the threads of the bolts. Attach one on each pedal crank arm. Turn the pedal bolts with a pedal wrench to complete your beach cruiser.