Huffy 12 Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

Your kid can ride off on his own web-slinging adventures and take beloved action figures along for the ride.

With the hooks already added, he can securely link action figures to the special handlebar web plaque.

Features Huffy 12 Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

This single-speed bike has a strong steel frame in amazing blue and is completely decorated with special Spider-Man web specs along the head tube, fork, and rear fender.

The relaxed, decorated padded seat showcases the popular spider emblem, while an alloy fast release makes it a snap to adjust the seat to the right height for the best fit.

There are also remarkable spider-man graphics on the frame and chainguard, special web-patterned grips, and tires with an exclusive web tread.

This twelve-inch bike contains a simple to use rear coaster bike. Just pedal back to stop. Broad training wheels build self-esteem and can be removed when it is time for big kid riding.

With our simple five-step assembly, you can build this bike yourself and have it to ride in just a little time.

Key Features

  • Big marvel spider-man handlebar shield with integrated bash guards mounted in front of the handlebar
  • Durable steel frame
  • Relax grips show chill graphics and are shielded in the front by the bash guards to save little fingers.
  • Wide training wheels include stability in the back for balance.
  • The decorated handle pad includes even more protection at the front.
  • Spider-man graphics
  • Chainguard completely enclose the chain to save those pretty fingers.
Huffy 12 Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike
Huffy 12 Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

Huffy ideas

Fresh ideas

New from Huffy. The Huffy radio bike was the primary bike with powerful taste transistors and music while riding a bike.

The Huffy Convertible introduced training wheels and children to riding. Huffy best fits its frames bring a fresh level of relaxation.

Your style

Picking a bike is a huge deal. That is why we research trends from around the planet before we develop fresh product colors and designs each year.

Easy to fancy designs, bold to soft colors, you name it. Huffy has a product for every person.

Huffy 12 Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike
Huffy 12 Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

We make fun

You forever remember the top things in life—your first bike ride.

Riding around with friends. Getting a bike for your birthday.

Teaching your children to ride. Bikes are all about making memories.

Fun, simple memories. Huffy, we make fun.