Home Electric bike Hyper Bicycles E-Ride Mountain 700C– Overview

Hyper Bicycles E-Ride Mountain 700C– Overview

Hyper Bicycles E Ride Mountain 700C
Hyper Bicycles E Ride Mountain 700C

The E-bikes are gaining fame, and more and more citizens are getting them as their mode of local commute.

Here we’ve got the Hyper bicycles E-Ride Mountain 700C for you.

Features Hyper Bicycles E-Ride Mountain

This is a pretty neat beginner electric bike that you can get now.

The Hyper E-Ride bike looks quite classy and is a 250 Watt hub motor with a 280Wh battery concealed in an aluminum body.

The Hyper Bicycles E-Ride Mountain 700C is beginner-friendly. It has a step-through frame, front and rear fenders, and a rack on the back side.

Hyper Bicycles E-Ride Mountain 700C

BMX bikes

Hyper has been making the best quality BMX bikes for the last decades.

The bike is made to provide you with a good spot, and the handlebars are flexible to ease up your rise.

Unisex Electric Bike

It is a unisex electric bike with a delicate look and provides a sung riding feel to the average-sized rider.

The bike has an amazingly sleek design and is acceptable for mountain riders.

The front suspension boosts comfort while you are on the bumpy trails.

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250 Watt Motor

This Hyper bicycles hyper E-Ride Mountain 700C comes with a brushless 250 Watt motor combined with a 36 Volt rechargeable battery.

The energy factor is not applauding, and there would not be any supper thrust to get you via the street.

But, the pedal help is enough to provide you with a good riding speed and makes steep climbs on mountains.

Hyper e-ride mountain bike review & ride

Bike Frame

The bike frame is quite solid and has a step-through design.

The bike has better shock absorption and has an adjustable seat and handlebars find enough for the local ride.

With this Hyper bicycles hyper E-Ride Mountain 700C, you can skin through the streets at speed up to 20 miles per hour and provides a runtime of one hour per 20 miles.

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