Hyper eRide City Electric Bike Black HYP E700
Hyper eRide City Electric Bike Black HYP E700

The eBikes are getting famous, and more and more people are getting them as their mode of domestic commutes.

This is a pretty neat beginner eBike that you can get at a fraction of which you have to pay for the high-end ones.

Ride in style with the Hyper E-rider electric pedal assist 700C commuter bike in black. This classic electric bike specs a pedal-assist mode for up to twenty mph to provide a little help while trekking up a steep incline. The e-ride contains both rear and front V-brakes for improved stopping power and front suspension forks for a relaxed ride wherever your commute takes you.

This bike comes with an integrated flush-mounted battery and a charger. It can charge in about four hours and run for about twenty miles.

Best for your daily commutes or weekend fun rides, the hyper e-ride electric pedal assist commuter bike will make your trips more relaxed. The rear hub thirty-six volt brushes motor gives you six different speeds to make it to your place with ease. Track your battery power and speed-at-a-glance by using the connected LED display.

Hyper eRide city bike is a unisex e-bike with a perfect look and provides a sung riding feel to the average-sized guys. The bike has an excellent design and is fantastic for city rides. The front suspension raises the relaxation while on the bumpy city trails.

This city eBikes comes with a brushless 250 hub motor with a 30V rechargeable battery.

With this e-bike, you can slim via the streets with speeds of up to 20MPH and provides a runtime of 1hour/20 miles. The frame is pretty robust and has a step-through design. The bike has excellent shock absorption and an adjustable seat and handlebars, which are best enough for the city ride.

The six-speed Shimano gear set is entry-level but perfect. It is pretty outdated but has sufficient power. The brakes on the bikes are the Rim brakes or the V brakes. The gears help pretty well during the three pedal assist modes.

Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike

The Hyper bike looks pretty classy and is a 250W hub motor eBike with a 280Wh battery concealed in an aluminum frame body.

The 700C Hyper E-ride is a starter-friendly city eBike that has a step-through frame, front and rear fenders, and a rack in the rear.

Hyper has been making standard BMX bikes for the last decades. The bike is designed to provide you with a proper place, and the handlebars are adjustable to ease up your ride.

Hyper eRide city bike is a unisex e-bike that has a perfect look and provides you a snug riding feel to the average-sized guys.

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700c Hyper E-Ride City Electric Bike

The bike has a perfect design and is best for city rides. The front suspension increases comfort while you are on bumpy city trails.

This City bike comes with a brushless 250W hub motor with a 36W rechargeable battery.

The power factor is not applauding, and there would be no super thrust to get you via the street.

But yet, the pedal assist is enough to provide you a perfect riding speed and makes steep climbs on hilly terrains easy.

The frame is pretty robust and has a step-through design. The bike has the best shock absorption and an adjustable seat and handlebars, which are best enough for the city ride.

With this e-bike, you can skim via the streets with speeds up to 20MPH and provide one hour/20 miles runtime.

The brakes on the bikes are the Rim brakes or the V brakes. It is a bit outdated but has sufficient power.

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700C Hyper E-ride battery

The battery in the eRide is quite perfect and provides sufficient power to last for up to 1 ½ hours on the pedal assist. It comes with a rechargeable 36V, 7aH battery, and you can view that it is pretty general. But at the price range, the battery gathered with the motor does try hard to provide you with a fun ride.

The eBike battery provides sufficient power to go up to twenty-two to twenty-five miles on the pedal assist. The battery is concealed, and you might never feel that you are standing close to the eBike. The extra lock comes to get rid of the battery from the frame.

The battery compartment in the frame is a clean and neat design without any extra bump to conceal the battery. The removable battery lets you charge with the bike or get rid of it from the frame.

The five LEDs indicated the battery charge. There is an extra turn-on button next to the battery level indicator to turn in battery power. There is also a charging port on the bike to straight charge it without removing the battery.

The battery lasts quite a while, with a single charge offering up to twenty miles.

Riding control

The 700C hyper eRide has just the Pedal assist to flaunt, unlike other e-bikes.

You can manage and set the level on the panel close to the handlebar. Once you get on the bike and begin pedaling, the pedal assist kicks in. depending on the level, the pedal-assist provides you a forward thrust that can reach a maximum value of 20mph. There is a sensor within the chain rung that detects the pedal action. It manages the level of pedal assistance you need.

With pedal assist, you can get three modes of speed, low-med high. With high-mode, you can get 20MPH with pedal assist. There is also a 6km button that provides extremely low cruize power to force the bike while you are walking with it. This mode does not job like an electric bike.

Braking system

The brakes on the eBikes are average. We can tell average as it is outdated rim brakes both on the rear and the front. Some of the other bikes from Nakto and Ancheer at least provide a pretty pricey front disc brake.

You might feel that the components are pretty affordable, and you might generally need occasional adjustments of gears and brakes.

You can have the latest model with a disc break to feel more security and control. Anyway, for a city bike with 20mph, the highest speed, this break will be sufficient to control.

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Comfort and riding

The Hyper eRide comes with a robust central aluminum frame and looks quite sporty. The step-through design makes it simple for people to use this eBike. It is powerful enough to carry an average person that weights up to 250LBs.

The bike is lightweight and does not provide stress like the premium ones that are heavy. The cycle matches the average buy between 5’3″ to 6’2″.

The front suspensions are best but not up to the mark. But yeah, bring an entry-level budget-oriented eBike. We can go on terms with that. A thing value mentioning is that the bike matches the city rides. It will be best not to take it off roads and bumping trails.

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Extra accessories

The bike comes with rear and front reflectors with the delivery. But there is a headlight and not linked to the battery. Some of the extra accessories you can furnish are the rear-end reflectors, kickstand, rear carrier, etc.

You can exceptionally well hardwire it to the inside battery. You can go for the best standard horn if the bike in the factory state has a below-average one.

The tail side reflector is also general, but at least they could have decided on an electric LED brake light. If you have some general knowledge of electronics, there are a few bike accessories you can order and fit this bike.

The 700C hyper eRide is quite the best choice for your day-to-day commutes. It matches the city rides and jobs well around people of all ages.

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Hyper E-Ride Ebike Lifestyle

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