JOYSTAR Kids Cruiser Bike with Training Wheels
JOYSTAR Kids Cruiser Bike with Training Wheels

Your kid may be minor and young, but they are ready to ride.

You want to make their first natural bike experience the best one with a durable, comfortable, and fun bike.

Features JOYSTAR Kids Cruiser Bike with Training Wheels

You also understand the significance of adjustability and want to be capable of popping off the training wheels without tools and adjusting the fit when the time is right.

It is right for you

When it comes to your child’s first bike, you want to ensure they are riding something durable, relaxing, and fun. Down to the small size, each of our bikes is built to our highest standards, so you can feel positive when you pick a joy star for your family.

Riding a bike is one of the top parts of growing up, and JoyStar provides a complete lineup of kids’ bikes to begin making memories. From the first wobbly strides on the balance bike to the first time hitting true singletrack, all-new kids’ bikes are designed to make remarkable first rides – and second, third, and 7,00 rides as well.

With Joystar performance and kids-friendly spec, these bikes are the best beginning to a lifelong love of riding.

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Safe for a young rider

The bike is equipped coaster brake, simple to give phenomenal stopping power when required, front and rear wheels, wrapped in rubber tires for fantastic grip and stability in any weather situation.

Elegant, easy design

A beach bike cruiser inspires a stylish bike. Robust Hi-Ten steel frame and fork offer the best impact resistance when learning balance.

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Minimum maintenance required

Thanks to its single-speed drivetrain and black tire, the straightforward design reduces the hassle of maintaining the bike. The complete chain guard well protects the chain from getting rusty.

Simple assembly

The bike comes eighty-five percent assembled and accessible tool. It usually takes twenty minutes to complete the front tire, handlebar, and seat.

Rubber air tire

The remarkable ride with rubber off-road tires for fantastic grip and stability in any weather situation.

Elegant steel frame

Joystar Tough Hi-TEN steel frame is elegant and robust offers the best impact resistance.

Coaster brake

Speed control is all in the legs for the pretty ones. It is just run by turning the pedals backward.

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Training wheels

Extra help in the balance department will support them as they learn to master two wheels.

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JOYSTAR Kids Bike for 2-6-Year-Old Girls

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