Looking For The Best Cruiser Bikes in The Market?
Looking For The Best Cruiser Bikes in The Market?

If you are fed up with the overly promotional articles that try to promote themselves without any definite criteria, then you are like me.

I am an avid biker, but every time I choose to delve into the market searching for a good bike for myself or my loved ones, I often get lured into the trap of choosing one that looks good and promotes itself well. It is only after I have tried it a few times around tight corners and long roads that.

The 5 Best Cruisers On The Market

Although I am not a professional cyclist, I have had enough experience to formulate my own opinions. This is because there is absolutely no reason why you should trust an overly promotional product.

To me, bikes are kind of like a primary mode of commute. Beach Cruiser Bike is, to many, the best bikes for commute purposes.

Their construction styles make them the most stable and easy to ride. They are an excellent choice for casual riders.

Yes, I do own a car, but the joy of driving a car is nothing compared to riding a bike. It is not only a cheap form of commute but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Physically the benefits are obvious, but mentally it keeps my mind leveled and in peace. Plus, once you get used to riding a comfortable bike that you love, you will look forward each day to ride it again and again.

But hey, since the primary criteria for any beach cruiser bike are comfort and ease of use, what appeals to me may not appeal to you.

Therefore, I use my intuition, experience, and customer reviews when choosing the best bike.

From what I have read and seen in the market, and after reading countless customer reviews, I have boiled it all down to 6 best cruiser bikes: three for men and three for women.

For Men

  • Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike
  • sixthreezero In The Barrel Beach Cruiser Bike
  • Schwinn Sanctuary Cruiser

For Women

  • Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle
  • sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser  Bicycle
  • Huffy Cruiser Deluxe Bike

Best Beach Bikes for Men Comparison

If you want to save yourself from the amount of research that goes into buying a good cruiser bike and what to shortlist the best right away, you can have a look at the three listed below.

Here is the comparison of the three best cruiser bikes for men. Now, you don’t need to just listen to me. The reviews given to these bikes are clear evidence of the quality and value that these bikes give.

Note that the following cruiser bikes are for men. You should also know that the reason for me listing three instead of a SINGLE best cruiser bike is because what appeals to me may not appeal to you. Therefore, the following three should give you a good choice between the best cruiser bikes.


Best Beach Bikes for Women Comparison

Since cruiser bikes are made with distinct styles for both men and women, I have also included a list of the best cruiser bikes.

Although both men and women, version offers a comfortable, smooth, and upright biking experience. The real difference lies in the aesthetics. The cruiser bikes for women have slimmer frames, and the most visible difference is in the curvature of the top tube.

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This should help you choose the right bike depending on your needs

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Beach Cruiser Bikes “Brief” Reviews

You can look at the detailed reviews, but here are brief reviews for the six bikes listed above (3 for men and 3 for women).

-> FirmStrong Urban (Men)

FirmStrong Urban (Men) (Read Full Review)
Armstrong Urban (Men) (Read Full Review)

I highly recommend this beach cruiser bike due to the deep discount it gives. You can save more than $50 on select models. Now that is quite the bargain for an already fairly priced bike. If I were to describe this bike in word, it would be ‘simplicity.’

Simplicity has its own elegance, as can be seen by the bike’s appealing frame. It has a simple yet comfortable pedal and saddle and gives the rider an upright posture. You can purchase certain accessories for this bike, such as fenders, to personalize.

If you have an old bike that is getting a little cranky and want an upgrade to a more than capable one, this best beach cruiser is the right choice. Firmstrong Urban comes in three-speed options: single, 3 speed, and 7 speed. For most single speed is just fine, especially for neighborhoods with flat terrain. Many prefer 3 speeds for the smooth climbing experience. Those who do not want to break a sweat riding their bikes go for a 7-speed configuration. The best thing about single speed, though, is that it is easiest to maintain. The bike has a wide paddle and wide seat, which adds to the comfort factor.

The minor drawback is that the chain guard is a bit frail, and if dented or damaged, it can rub against the chain.

A bit of care is advised. Furthermore, like in most multiple gear bikes, the shifters may miss the gear shift. Therefore, switching back and forth promptly could be required. Again, these are minor issues and should not pose any challenge to your overall cruising experience.

-> SixThreeZero In The Barrel (Men)

SixThreeZero In The Barrel (Men) (Read Full Review)
sixthreezero In The Barrel (Men) (Read Full Review)

Although this is not the most affordable of the best beach cruisers for Men in this list or the market, it most certainly has the best customer reviews and a strong fan base. The functionality of this bike only matches the aesthetics, the sleek and slender design.

Everything about this product speaks of quality, from the packaging to the end product and the customer service. Upon the first arrival, you get a handwritten letter from the company thanking and welcoming you. This may not be related to the product’s quality, but it speaks volumes about its service. You are practically treated like family, and you are even assigned a mechanic for assembly or maintenance concern. Do not worry about the assembly procedure as it is easy as pie, and there are countless videos on Youtube available that show you exactly how to.

This bike is available in two-speed options: single and 3 – speed. For most neighborhoods, single speed is fine, but if you have a neighborhood with hills and climbs, consider getting the 3-speed version. Of course, the 3-speed model is more expensive.

The out of the box configuration of gear ratio may not be to your liking. With simple guidance, you can easily tweak them to choose the 3 – speed model.

All things aside, the real question is: is this cruiser bike comfortable? Because what use is a cruiser bike if you cannot ride it in an upright and comfy position for long sessions. The good news is that you will not be disappointed. The bike has been designed to save every bit of effort to ride it so that you can last long. The leather grip and the seat add to the comfort aspect of this beach cruiser.

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Hey, if you don’t trust me, that is fine. But you cannot deny the flawless 5-star reviews this bike has received from its customers.

The only downside is that some customers have reported squeaking and rattling sounds from gears and the seat. Although to many a slight noise is normal, if in the sporadic cases the sound is fairly loud or if it exacerbates, then considers calling up your personal mechanic from Sixthreezero.

-> Schwinn Sanctuary (Men)

Schwinn Sanctuary (Men)
Schwinn Sanctuary (Men)

7-speed cruiser bikes are costly due to the heavy-duty gear mechanism that goes into constructing them. But this pays off a lot in terms of the comfort factor. Many people prefer going for 7-speed bikes when they want an effortless and smooth ride without breaking a sweat.

Normally 7-speed bikes are fairly expensive. For example, if you choose to go for the 7 speed model of the Firmstrong Urban, you will need to pay around $100 extra. Therefore, Schwinn Sanctuary practically challenges the status quo by offering a Shimano 7 speed gear bike at a very reasonable price tag.

The looks of this 7 speed best beach cruiser are nothing less than fascinating. This cruiser bike is most certainly designed to turn heads. It has a retro look, reminding me of the old classical beach bikes. Yet, at the same time, it has all the curves and aesthetic appeal of modern standards. It all has a rear cargo rack for better logistics purposes, and you can even have a basket installed in the front.

The only rare reported issues have been customer service, and the product arrives without a complete kit. Nevertheless, this bike has received almost flawless reviews. So if you are looking for an affordable 7-speed bike, then this is the best cruiser bike to go for.

-> FirmStrong Urban (Women)

cruiser bike

This one of the best cruiser bikes for women is much similar to its Men’s counterpart. The only visible difference is the top tube, which is curved a bit deeper. It offers the same deep discount on select models and has the same look and feel to it.

Although it has the same wheel size options of 24″ and 26″, the frame; however, it is smaller than the Firmstrong Urban for Men. To be specific, it is 15.5 inches and should be comfortable for Women of 5 to 6 ft. If you are taller, then perhaps look for bigger options.

There is plenty of color options to choose from. This bike comes in three-speed options, including single, 3, and 7. As I have stated earlier, a single-speed option is just great if you have a flat neighborhood. Single-speed is low maintenance and quite easy to manage. It is also the least expensive option. However, if your neighborhood has climbs and hills, then consider the 3 speed or 7 speed. By far, the smoothest ride that you can experience is from a 7-speed bike.

This cruiser bike has an oversized seat. This is especially great if you regularly like to adjust your seating position by a small margin. The handles and grip are perfect for an upright posture that is the key of all beach cruisers.

Well, it is hard to think of any drawbacks. Yes, the bike does arrive in a box, and you have to assemble it yourself. But even that is hassle-free. This is a phenomenal bike. I have seen many products and bikes on the internet and trust me. It is very tough for any product, let alone a bike, to receive 5/5 flawless reviews by 234 customers (and counting). The reviews definitely speak for themselves.

-> SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser

SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser
sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser

What really had me interested in this bike, besides the 173 5/5 reviews, was the customer service of this company. The position of SixThreeZero in the beach cruiser bikes market is obviously unquestionable. But it is when they treat their customers like a family that they leave a permanent mark.

If you happen to read some of the customer reviews for this cruiser bike for women, you will see some delightful experience with this bike and customer support. One customer writes SixthThreeZero replaced their bike with a new one when the hurricane sandy destroyed their original bike. This premium support service is practically seen in only a few companies that are profoundly loyal to their fans.

Besides the customer service, the cruiser bike itself is flawless. It’s jaw-dropping design with cute and stylish seat, and components will most certainly win the hearts of many. With a touch of retro design, this bike is eye candy.

The bike is several colors and 3-speed options: single, 3, and 7. So you can not only personalize your bike but also choose one that suits best to your neighborhood, i.e., if it is hilly, go for multiple gears. If not, then single should suffice.

The only downside is that it is a bit expensive. In fact, it the most expensive in this list of the three best cruiser bikes for women. I would not mind paying a bit premium for customer service and a product like this to tell you the truth. At least I will be at peace of mind with my purchase.

-> Huffy Cruiser Deluxe (Women)

Huffy Cruiser Deluxe (Women)
Huffy Cruiser Deluxe (Women)

Comfort and value for money are two terms that can exactly describe this cruiser bike. This is the most affordable beach cruiser in this entire list of best cruiser bikes.

If you do not care much for an extraordinary design that asks for a high premium or service that comes at a high cost, then you, this is the right cruiser bike for women. This is a single-speed bike without any speed options available. It is comfortable, cute, and stylish with great attention to detail. Even the seat is embroidered.

It is great for logistics purposes and shopping as it has the rear carrier and a basket in the front. This is a perfect bike if you prefer functionality with value for money. 

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I personally prefer the FirmStrong Urban for Men and FirmStrong Urban for Women because not only have they received perfect reviews from a large number of customers, but they also offer a great discounted price for an outstanding stylish product. They have all the essential factors plus the design and excellent customer support. Furthermore, many customer reviews have convinced me that my perspective about this best cruiser bike is accurate.

Of course, as I had mentioned earlier, what appeals to me may not necessarily appeal to you. The other two products in both men and women category are also outstanding bikes. After all, any bike that stands out from the vast fleet products in the market and makes it to this list got to be one of the best cruiser bikes.

Biggest Discount on Beach Cruiser Bikes

Micargi Touch 1-speed Men

Micargi Touch 1-speed Men
Micargi Touch 1-speed Men

This bike is on sale with 57% off with a discounted price tag of $130.39. This is a beach cruiser bike that comes from a respected brand, Micargi. This bike has almost the same look and feel as the Firmstrong Urban for Men but costs a whole lot less. Definitely worth checking out.

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Best Cruiser Bikes For Beginners

If you have no prior experience with cruiser bikes and are rather looking for something affordable as well as functional, then I would recommend you go with the single-speed Schwinn Sanctuary Cruiser bikes.

These are some of the best cruiser bikes for starters. I have already mentioned earlier that the advantage of single-speed bikes is that they are cheaper than their geared counterparts and easier to maintain.

Therefore, as a beginner, the hassle-free single speed beach cruiser bicycle would greatly appeal to you.

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