MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike
MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike

The MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike is a fantastic display of craftsmanship. Its frame is a durable yet very lightweight aluminum alloy.

A 250W motor allows you to travel at 19 miles an hour, pedal-free.

The MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike is the perfect way to get around town or take a weekend ride with friends.

With its sleek design and advanced technology, this electric bike has something for everyone. From its reliable motor to its convenient features, it’ll ensure an enjoyable ride.

This electric bike is powered by a 250W brushless motor that will provide plenty of torque no matter what terrain you’re on. The battery lasts up to 25 miles per charge so you won’t be stuck in one place for too long! It also comes equipped with pedal-assist mode, which makes climbing hills a breeze.

The MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike isn’t just great at getting you from point A to B; it’s also incredibly stylish and comfortable.

Its frame is lightweight aluminum alloy, with a high-quality suspension fork for superior handling and riding stability.

Additionally, the seat is adjustable and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort during long rides.

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Features MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike

You can travel anywhere between 20 to 50 miles on one charge. This depends on how much you want to pedal throughout your distance.

Topping off the battery takes around 6 to 8hrs. The MACWHEEL700C Electric Bike uses the best parts: Shimano gears, KENDA tires, TEKTRO Disc brakes, and KMC chains.

The stopping power is precise and robust. Its TEKTRO disc braking unit uses premium materials and ensures high safety.

This MACWHEEL700C Electric Bike is sleek and compact, providing a comfortable and fun ride every time.

The Macwheel 700c electric bike has features that make it an excellent choice for cyclists. It has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy to transport and store.

The powerful 350-watt motor helps you quickly conquer hills, while the 7-speed Shimano shifting system enables smooth gear changes. You can also take advantage of the five levels of pedal assist or use the thumb throttle for full power when needed.

Its 36V 10Ah battery provides up to 31 miles on a single charge! This ebike has front and rear mechanical disc brakes and bright LED lights to keep you safe as you ride.

Overall, the Macwheel 700c electric bike offers reliability, performance, and convenience at an affordable price – what more could you ask for?

Key Features MACWHEEL Electric Bike

Excellent shock absorption allows you to ride confidently over all sorts of tires. The extra-large KENDA tires help in their versatility.

A built-in screen keeps you in the know. Info like battery life, speed, and distance is a glance away.

MACWHEEL700C Electric Bike’s removal battery allows you to take it to charge, reducing theft. A key-locking device also protects it.

You would not have to worry about the battery becoming jarred loose while on the way.

The MACWHEEL700C Electric Bike comes mostly preassembled. You connect some pieces, and you are ready to go.

The macwheel 700c electric bike is the perfect choice for riders looking to improve their cycling experience. It features an easy-to-use, seven-speed Shimano derailleur and comes with pedal assist and throttle mode, allowing you to choose how much effort you want to put in.

The powerful 350W motor lets you zip up to 25 km/h without a sweat. With its lightweight aluminum frame and large 26″ tires, this bike offers excellent stability on roads and trails.

The integrated LCD keeps track of your ride stats like speed, trip distance, battery life, and more so you can stay informed about your progress during every outing.

For those who love exploring new places or commuting around town, the macwheel 700c electric bike provides a reliable way to get from A to B quickly and comfortably.


  • The MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike is weather resistant.
  • The motor and battery are of the best quality.
  • It has two riding modes.
  • The TEKTRO disc brakes are highly responsive.


  • The battery takes a long time to charge.
  • Overweight

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Safety And Performance

The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike is designed to keep riders safe and comfortable on any terrain. The full suspension frame ensures a smooth ride, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide maximum stopping power in all weather conditions.

The bike also features an LCD for monitoring speed, battery level, and other metrics and integrated lighting for night riding. For added security, it comes with a theft-deterrent lock system that connects directly to your phone so you can track your bike’s location at any time.

Regarding performance, the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike packs plenty of power. It has a powerful 350W motor that speeds up to 25 mph with a range of up to 30 miles per charge.

With seven levels of pedal assist and three throttle modes, you can customize your experience based on the terrain type or how far you want to go. Whether commuting around town or exploring off-road trails, this electric bike will get you there in style and comfort.

Battery Life

With its powerful motor and reliable battery, the Macwheel 700c electric bike offers an impressive performance.

The following important factor to consider is how long that power will last. Fortunately, this bike’s battery promises a reasonable range for most riders.

The lithium-ion 36V 10Ah battery ranges up to 25 miles on one full charge, depending on terrain and other factors like wind speed and rider weight.

This should be enough distance to cover most errands or leisurely rides around town without worrying about running out of juice before you get home.

It takes 4-6 hours to recharge the battery fully, so plan if you need it ready in time for a specific ride.

When not in use, make sure to store your ebike indoors at room temperature – extreme temperatures may affect the life of your battery over time.

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Design And Comfort

The Macwheel 700c electric bike is designed to provide a comfortable ride experience. Its frame is lightweight aluminum alloy, and its saddle uses high-quality leather padding for added comfort.

The handlebar has an ergonomic grip, allowing the rider to easily maneuver the bike in tight spaces. The pedals are designed with anti-skid technology so you can pedal confidently on all terrain.

To ensure maximum safety, this electric bike has dual disc brakes that make it easy to stop quickly when needed. It also features adjustable shocks that absorb impact from bumps and potholes, keeping your spine and joints safe during rides.

Additionally, the battery is hidden inside the main frame for a sleek look and improved aerodynamics. All these features work together to create a smooth and enjoyable ride that will keep you returning for more.

Motor System

The macwheel 700c electric bike has a powerful motor system. It features an integrated 350W high-speed brushless gear motor that provides substantial and reliable power to the rider.

This motor can easily reach speeds up to 25 km/h, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. The motor also features regenerative braking technology, which helps increase battery life and provides maximum control over how much power is used while riding.

Additionally, it has an intuitive digital readout display which allows riders to easily keep track of their riding data such as distance traveled, the time elapsed, and average speed.

All in all, this makes for an incredible electric bike experience that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for efficient transportation or simply more fun on two wheels!

Charging System

The macwheel 700c electric bike features a powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to 25 miles of riding on one charge. The bike is equipped with an intelligent charging system, which allows it to be quickly and easily charged on the go.

To ensure you always have enough juice for your ride, the macwheel 700c has a charger, so you can plug it into any wall outlet or USB port to get back out on the road.

The charging system also includes a built-in monitoring system that tracks how much power has been used while riding. This helps ensure that you never run out of juice during long rides, as well as helps prolong battery life by not overcharging it.

This makes the macwheel 700c electric bike convenient and reliable when powering up on the go!

Weight Capacity

The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike offers a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. This makes it ideal for people of all sizes and weights, including heavier ones. The frame is made from high-grade aluminum alloy, ensuring sturdiness and durability even when carrying heavy loads.

It also has an adjustable stem to adjust the handlebar’s height to suit your needs. Furthermore, this electric bike features a double-walled rim set, increasing its strength and stability.

The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike provides ample support for riders looking for an easy ride experience regardless of size or weight.

With its robust construction, adjustable components, and wide range of weight capacity, this electric bike will surely provide you with years of reliable service regardless of your riding style.

Price Range

Moving on from the weight capacity of the Macwheel 700c electric bike, let’s look at its price range.

The basic model starts at $1,399 and goes up to $2,000 depending on features like battery life and speed limit. It is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable mid-range eBike that can take them almost everywhere.

The high-end models range between $2,300 – 3,500, with added luxury features such as an adjustable suspension system or hydraulic brakes. These options make sense for people who want their rides to be more comfortable with better performance.

Additionally, there are even some customizations available that cost extra but give you the freedom to build your dream ride!

Operating Modes

The Macwheel 700c electric bike is equipped with three operating modes. It has a throttle mode, pedal-assist mode, and walk-assist mode.

Throttle mode allows you to ride the bike without pedaling using only the hand-operated throttle on the handlebar.

This makes it easy for riders of all experience levels to control their speed as they navigate town or explore new trails.

Pedal-assist mode combines the power from both your legs and the motor to boost you when needed. With this mode enabled, you can get more out of every pedal stroke and take those challenging uphill climbs in stride.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always walk-assist mode which gives you an additional push while walking next to your bike – perfect for times when you need a rest but don’t want to be left behind!

All these features make the Macwheel 700c electric bike an excellent choice for commuters and recreational cyclists.


The Macwheel 700c electric bike offers several helpful accessories to enhance your experience. To begin with, a rear rack is included for carrying items such as backpacks and grocery bags.

Additionally, an integrated headlight can be used when riding in low-visibility conditions. The bright LED light will help keep you visible while cycling on dark roads or trails.

LED indicators are also on the handlebars to show battery levels and other relevant information during your ride. Furthermore, adjustable shocks provide extra cushioning and comfort when navigating rugged terrain.

These features make it easier to get around town without worrying about bumps along the way. You will have a safer, more enjoyable journey with all these fantastic accessories!

Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining an electric bike is more straightforward than maintaining a regular bike. It requires less attention to the components and fewer adjustments to keep it running smoothly.

Any electric bike’s most critical maintenance task is keeping the battery charged and functioning properly. This can be done by charging the battery at least once every two weeks, even if you don’t ride your bike during that period.

Another essential maintenance task for an electric bike is checking its brakes periodically. Please ensure they are in good working condition and adjust them as needed.

Additionally, inspect all other parts, such as spokes, tires, chains, frames, etc., to ensure everything is still in good shape.

With proper care and routine check-ups, your macwheel 700c electric bike should last years without major repairs or replacements.

Pros And Cons Of The Bike

The Macwheel 700c electric bike has many advantages. It has a powerful motor that can reach up to 20 mph, allowing you to explore different terrain comfortably and quickly.

The long-lasting battery gives you up to 35 miles on one charge. Additionally, the easy-to-use LCD lets you monitor your speed; distance traveled, and remaining battery life.

However, it does have some drawbacks. The cost is relatively high compared to other models, making it an expensive option for budget-conscious people.

In addition, the weight makes it difficult to carry around without help; this may be inconvenient if you need to move the bike regularly or store it in tight spaces.

Despite these issues, the bike remains an excellent choice for those looking for good performance and reliability from their e-bikes.

Alternatives To Consider

Moving on from the pros and cons of the Macwheel 700c electric bike, it’s essential to consider some alternatives. Many different types of electric bikes are available, so you can find one that fits your specific needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a more lightweight option, you could look into an aluminum or carbon fiber e-bike. These materials offer excellent performance with minimal weight added.
On the other hand, folding electric bikes provide plenty of torque and speed in a smaller package if you’re looking for extra power while still maintaining portability.

When researching electric bikes, you should consider additional features like suspension systems and gear-shifting capability.

With all these options in mind, you can decide which type of bike best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Customer Reviews

Customers are raving about the Macwheel 700c electric bike. They say it’s fast, efficient, and easy to ride. It’s excellent for commuting or leisurely rides in the park.

One customer said they love the brakes and the seat’s responsiveness and comfort. Another mentioned how powerful and smooth the motor is, even on hills.

Customers agree that this electric bicycle provides an enjoyable experience with excellent performance. The battery life is reportedly very long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power during a ride.

With its durable construction and stylish design, this e-bike will indeed be enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It To Assemble The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike?

Assembling an electric bike can be daunting for someone who has never done it before. However, considering the Macwheel 700c electric bike, you may find it easier than expected due to its intuitive design.

This makes the assembly process relatively straightforward and achievable within a short period.

The Macwheel 700c electric bike has detailed instruction manuals that are clear and easy to follow. The parts come preassembled in most cases, so assembling them requires minimal effort.

Furthermore, helpful tools such as spanners and screwdrivers are included in the box, along with extra screws should any go missing during installation. All these factors combined make putting together this particular model of electric bike much simpler than others on the market.

Overall, assembling the Macwheel 700c electric bike shouldn’t take too long, and anyone can do it, regardless of their technical knowledge or skillset.

With all necessary components included, plus comprehensive instructions provided, there’s no need to worry about tackling this job alone – grab some essential tools and get started!

Does The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike Come With Any Warranties?

Many want to know what sort of warranty is available when purchasing an electric bike.

The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike has several warranties to help you feel secure in your purchase.

The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty on the battery and motor system and two years for the frame and fork. They also provide comprehensive coverage for any defects in materials or quality.

This includes wear and tear items such as brakes, shifters, derailleurs, and other mechanical components. All these warranties offer peace of mind when making this significant investment.

Moreover, suppose there are any issues during the first year after purchase. In that case, they cover all labor costs associated with repairs or replacements up to $50 per occurrence within 30 days of delivery.

With all these assurances in place, customers can rest assured their new Macwheel will be taken care of long after its purchase.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Using The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike?

When it comes to electric bikes, age restrictions are an essential consideration. Are there any limitations on the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike regarding who can use it?

In this article, we’ll look at whether or not there’s a minimum or maximum age for riders and what other considerations you should consider when deciding if the bike is right for you.

The official guidelines recommend that only adults aged 16 and above should ride the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike due to safety reasons. It’s also worth noting that children between 12-15 can still ride but must be supervised by an adult.

As with all vehicles, proper protective gear such as helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and shin guards should always be worn while riding.

Overall, before purchasing a Macwheel 700c Electric Bike, it’s best to ensure all riders meet the required age limit. Knowing this information will help ensure your family’s safety and enjoyment during their rides.

Is It Possible To Rent The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike?

Renting an electric bike is an excellent option for those who cannot purchase one outright. With this in mind, it’s worth asking whether the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike can be rented.

The answer is yes! Many retailers offer rental options on electric bikes, such as the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike. It’s important to note, though, that when renting any vehicle, you may need to meet certain restrictions or qualifications before being allowed to rent it.

This could include age requirements, insurance details, and other similar factors. Therefore, anyone looking to rent should research these rules and regulations beforehand.

It’s also essential to consider other practical aspects of renting an electric bike. For instance, how long do you want the rental period? Will you need additional accessories like helmets or safety equipment? T

Considering all these things can help ensure your experience with the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike goes smoothly.

How Much Does The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike Weigh?

Renting an electric bike is one option for those who wish to try out the experience before committing to a purchase.

But when making that decision, another important factor is the bike’s weight. So how much does the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike weigh?

The answer depends on several factors, such as battery size, frame material, and type of tire. Generally speaking, electric bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles due to their additional components like motors and batteries.

The Macwheel 700c Electric Bike weighs around 20-25kg, making it relatively lightweight compared with other models in its range. This makes it ideal for commuting or leisurely rides in urban areas where convenience and portability are vital considerations.

In terms of performance, this model has excellent power output with speeds reaching up to 25km/h over flat surfaces and hills alike, thanks to its powerful 350W motor system.

It also features adjustable handlebars to find your perfect riding position quickly and easily. Combined with all these features, the Macwheel 700c Electric Bike provides an enjoyable ride without compromising comfort or efficiency.


I’m impressed with the Macwheel 700C Electric Bike. It’s a great way to get around without worrying about gas or long walks.

Assembling it was easy, and I felt secure knowing there were warranties for any issues. Plus, no age restrictions mean anyone can enjoy this bike!

Renting is also an option if you don’t want to commit to buying one right away, so why not give it a try? The bike’s weight isn’t too much either, transporting it all the more convenient.

Overall, the Macwheel 700C Electric Bike offers many features that make commuting more accessible.

It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, straightforward transportation solution.

If nothing else, you’ll be able to have some fun riding around your neighborhood on a reliable electric bike!

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