Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women's Cruiser Bike Review
Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women's Cruiser Bike Review

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for that particular person in your life, think of this Margarita-Ville Coast Is Clear Women’s Cruiser Bike.

The 26″ bike looks great and a perfect for riders aged 14 years and up or with a minimum height of five feet.

Features Margaritaville Coast Is a Clear Women’s Cruiser Bike

One area where the Margarita-Ville Coast Is Clear Women’s Cruiser Bike hit the mart was optimizing it for the ultimate comfort.

Its frame design puts the seat farther back to the lower mid-gravity for extra fun and a comfortable ride.

Its swept-back handlebars let you achieve that upright, smooth-riding position with complete extension.

As if that is not enough, this Margarita-Ville Coast Is Clear Women’s Cruiser Bike comes with a saddle with luxury padding and a double spring for additional comfort.

Mark you; you can set the handlebar and seat height to adjust your riding requirements.

This is one of the easiest to install for beach cruises for ladies, thanks to its simplistic design—no brakes or gears to gamble with.

And it comes partially assembled in the box. The Margarita-Ville Coast Is Clear Women’s Cruiser Bike has a substantial but lightweight feel thanks to its aluminum frame.

The lightweight linear push brakes and machined alloy wheel rims work jointly to reach a better brake pad contact – resulting in a smooth shopping push.

Bonus functions that come with this include soft, cork shape grips for a smooth touch and a load of accessories, including a drink or coffee cup holder, basket, and a rear rack with bottle opener.

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Highlight Feature

  • 7-speed bike
  • The elegant bright blue frame
  • 26″ wheels and painted rims
  • Foam padded cup holder
  • Black mesh basket attachment
  • Rear and Front alloy side pull handbrakes
  • Soft, cock-style grips
  • Signature parrot horn

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Buy Margaritaville Coast is Clear Women's Beach Cruiser Bike
Margaritaville Coast Bike

A series of coast bikes of this brand is ideal for riding on paved paths, and parks. Such models attract attention with a stylish design, good handling and maneuverability, and a high level of safety.

With a strong frame, front shock absorber, and dual rims, this bike is easy to climb uphill and ride off-road Margaritaville Coast Bike is one of the most popular models.

That is why we have decided to do a Margaritaville Coast Bike review.

So, today in this article, you are going to get to see the Margaritaville Coast Bike review.

So, see these below…

Margaritaville Coast Bike Review:

The bike is equipped with a frame with carefully thought-out geometry. It is made of reliable aluminum, so such a bike should be handled with the utmost care to not damage its main element.

The fork is rigid. The wheel diameter is 20 inches. The rim brakes work almost instantly. This product is a great outdoor option and good for regular use, say commuting. The folding mechanism is straightforward, easy to use. When folded, the bike takes up little space, and you can purchase a unique bag for its transportation.

The transmission here is the simplest – single-speed, so you will have to make a lot of effort to climb the mountain. So, here see below the Margaritaville Coast Bike review.

Margaritaville Coast is Clear 26-Inch Ladies' Cruiser Bicycle in Mint
Margaritaville Coast is a Clear 26-Inch Ladies’ Cruiser Bicycle in Mint

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A genuinely dependable and minimal model that will permit you to encounter the totality of positive feelings from driving. Possesses at least free space, furnished with a three-speed planetary sort transmission.

The component liable for changing gears is situated in the back center, all-around concealed in a defensive packaging so the soil won’t get into it. It is portrayed by stable activity that doesn’t stick during the whole assistance life, and rates can be exchanged even while stopping.

The items are outfitted with wide tires and an exceptional built-up track that permits you to drive on blacktop, rock, and, surprisingly, on the ground. Introduced aluminum edges built up with protected innovation.

The bike is made based on a steel outline. The front fork is solid here. The stopping mechanism here is likewise extremely fascinating: the front brake is manual, and the framework is mechanical.

The directing wheel is flexible in both tallness and point. The seat is very delicate, with high muscular characteristics, which permits you to invest considerable energy on the bicycle. It is outfitted with a few springs, so even very genuine knocks and pits will scarcely be felt by the rider.

This bicycle accompanies steel bumpers, a rack, a chain watch, ringer, rearview mirror, and kickstand. The wheel measurement is 20 inches.

The pack accompanies full-length bumpers made of lightweight aluminum. They will shield the rider well from soil or water from under the bicycle’s wheels.

The gadget is additionally outfitted with a footstool. Makers have furnished their items with innovative openings that permit you to introduce a jar and a siphon.

The plan has transmission from the Japanese organization Shimano, which has been known for its dependability for some time. Above all else, it works impeccably; the stuff moves without a hitch, and no jerks were found during the bicycle testing.

The wheels are outfitted with built-up Weinmann edges. They are twofold, ready to endure a critical burden and don’t twist under actual impacts, including very impressive blows. The advantage is made of great 6061 aluminum amalgam. The fork here is solid, assimilates well, shaking while at the same time riding isn’t felt. As indicated by clients, the plan is appropriate for any coatings and has superb cross-country capacity.

This gadget accompanies an enormous trunk, an ergonomic hassock, and wide plastic bumpers. The model’s seat is spring-stacked, disposing of the inconvenience from potholes and other street inconsistencies.

The bicycle engineers really focused on expelling the directing wheel, making it as advantageous as feasible for an individual of any stature.

Margaritaville First Look Women's Beach Cruiser Bike
Margaritaville First Look Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike


  • Everything you need for a comfortable ride comes with the model;
  • Quite a reasonable cost;
  • Three-speed transmission;
  • Relatively simple assembly of the structure;
  • It can be used absolutely in any weather and climatic conditions;
  • The handlebar and saddle are height adjustable.


  • Because of the steel frame, it weighs a lot.
  • After a while, the brakes begin to creak – they are eliminated by lubrication

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As per clients, the bicycle is intended for all events. It is ideally appropriate for driving on urban black-top streets in a lively style. The items have two changes, which contrast from one another just in the breadth of the wheels – 17 or 19 inches.

Its producer fitted it with fabulous leatherette, which can endure the impacts of water, and low temperatures and essentially doesn’t wear out during activity.

The speed gets before long, challenging ascents consistently and without jerks. They shift gears while driving; no extraordinary endeavors are expected for this. The pedals here are additionally collapsing and made of plastic. Feet don’t sneak off them even in wet climates. The collapsing instrument is essential and dependable and doesn’t break during the whole existence of the model.

The casing is made of excellent aluminum amalgam, which isn’t delicate to consumption processes and actual impacts. It acts well both in metropolitan circumstances and outside the city on the ground.

The set accompanies a unique case for the simple capacity and transportation of the bicycle. This alteration is outfitted with a dependable foot brake at the back tire; the front one has a hand brake.


This is a standard city bike for riding on flat road surfaces. In this case, he does not need several speeds, so the manufacturer limited himself to only one.

The kit includes everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride. For those who plan to drive on the pedestrian part of the roads, there is a signal here.

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