Murtisol Electric Bicycles Aluminium Adult Ebike
Murtisol Electric Bicycles Aluminium Adult Ebike

One of the key specs of E-bike is that there is three different gear in the assisted mode.

This mode helps you manage the speed and this all credit to the vector control system.

The thing powering this system is this 32-bit clever control chip.

Features Murtisol Electric Bicycles Aluminium Adult Ebike

In the real electric mode, the top speed has been set to 25km/h but in the assisted mode, you can use the pedal and the gear to manage the speed.

In assisted mode, different gear has been set to different top speeds.

Gear 3 25km/h, Gear 2 19km/h, and Gear 1 14km/h. with this smart chip, you can set the speed to depend on the location you are at.

Murtisol Electric Bicycles Aluminium Adult Ebike
Murtisol Electric Bicycles Aluminium Adult Ebike

Another thing that this chip does is that once the bike is completely stopped, the full car is shut down and you will not be capable to get the assistance from the battery.

The function is to stop sudden acceleration that might cause accidents.

You have to use the pedal to manually begin the bike and then the battery will begin and keeps assisting you.

HD Smart Meter

On the display, it will present how much battery you have left as well as the present speed.

The plus and minus key are used to set the gear and there is also a horn button to additional protect your safety.

The headlamp button is also placed in the smart meter to brighten your surrounding and save your safety.

High-quality pneumatic tire

The top standard pneumatic tire is also being used in this e-bike.

This will support you drive this bicycle under most circumstances.

This tire has a wonderful grip to the ground and even it is in rainy weather or in a desert, it will still stick to the ground.

Lithium battery

we use a 36V/6AH lithium battery to run the motor.

The inside chip help stops over current, overcharge, short circuit, and over temperature.

The important design that we put the battery within the frame.

The others will judge your e-bike as a general bike and they will surprise that you can drive a general bike using pedals.

LED tail lamp

The LED tail lamp is for sure one of the top choices for the tail lamp.

Whenever you hold the brake, the red light will alert the surroundings that there is a bicycle here.

Disc Brakes

Disk brakes are the top brake for bicycles. With that, we have used a disc brake on E-bike.