NAKTO City Electric Bicycle
NAKTO City Electric Bicycle

The NAKTO 26″ City Electric Bicycle comes with solid high carbon steel frames that are forks reinforced with mutually strong steel carbon materials.

For your info, that’s material used to make buildings in hazardous tremor areas.

Features NAKTO City Electric Bicycle 

That provides you with an idea of the strength we’re talking about.

Plus, the NAKTO 26″ City Electric Bicycle frames are cushioned with excellent shock absorbers for max riding experience.

In my testing, I found their front v-brakes and rear expansion brakes extremely efficient.

What’s more, it does on a six-speed transmission gear system.

It has a 36-volt lithium battery that is removable to leave right behind for recharging. What does the recharging is the smart charger?

If ultimately charged, you can get up to 45km of ride time each charge. The NAKTO 26″ City Electric Bicycle also comes with a brushless motor which will provide you with zooming speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

It has bi-working modes abilities.

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Key Features NAKTO Electric Bicycle 

  • Pedal-assist mode – This mode is designed to ease your effort of pedaling. When you pedal, the sensors indicate to the motor, which is then switched on, propelling you forward.
  • Throttle mode – This one is activated by sound engineering a lever. It has six-speed gears that let you adjust the riding speed. The throttle modes equip the electric bike with energy through the motor. Once the throttle mode is on, you can easily sit back and watch your NAKTO 26″ City Electric Bicycle do the show as you hold on to the controls.

Also, it carries on its front this very cool basket. You would not be able to ferry a ton of your stuff on the NAKTO 26″ City Electric Bicycle basket, though, as it’s not so strong.

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NAKTO 26 City Adult Electric Bicycle Review 

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