Neco Fixie Bike
Neco Fixie Bike

There are many types designed for specific riding styles when it comes to bikes.

Neco Fixie bikes, also famous as fixed-gear bicycles, have become famous among many riders because they do not just reduce switching via gears but are also stylish.

The top fixie bikes are lightweight and offer a perfect feel, and they are simple to use.

Best Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Because of their straightforward riding experience, Neco fixie bikes are best for daily riding around the city.

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike
Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

The pure fix premium single-speed bike is a unique solution to transform your riding. A top brand on the market provides riders with durable and stylish fixed gear bikes.

It specs a twin-butted Chromoly frame, making it lighter, quicker, and stiffer.

With the added flip-flop hub, you can get the flexibility you need when riding it freewheel or fixed.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Fixie bikes are the lightest bike type you can get on the market. Picking the best model can be challenging because many models to choose from.

If you need a standard single-speed bike that is simple to ride, the Critical cycles fixed gear bike is the best solution.

The primary thing you will notice is the premium hand-built steel fixed frame that specs bar-spin clearance.

The steel frame alongside the fork offers perfect performance on rough roads.

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike
Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

The bike comes with wheels of the best size and width to handle riding in urban atmospheres and pavements.

This is why the bike is general among many street riders.

Comfort is another essential aspect you will not get on this bike.

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What is a Fixie bike?

Bicycling is a physical activity that will never run out of trend. Fixie bikes are gaining status, particularly among the hipsters who are forever updated on the latest trends.

Aside from the fun, cycling advantages our body and mind. It helps decrease the danger of heart diseases and better muscular power. Additional, bicycling is environmentally friendly and economical.

What is a fixed gear bike?

A fixie bike, generally called Fixie in some places, is a kind of bicycle lacking a freewheel mechanism. It prohibits the user from the coast because a single gear is fixed to the back wheel. So, pedaling must be continuous while the bicycle is in motion.

The rider must hold off the pedals using their feet to prevent the motion. The baseline is that while the bike moves, your legs are also in action. It has become famous among the youth because it is very trendy. Additional, using a fixie bike is liberating and fun.

Fixed Gear bike vs. Single-speed Bike

Want to know what is road Vs. Fixie bike? Fixed gear bikes and one-speed bikes are two different kinds of bicycles. Fixie bikes cannot coast or freewheel, as mentioned, while one-speed bikes can.

Additionally, the former cannot drive downhill without pedaling, whereas the latter makes it easy. Another difference between the 2 is that fixed gear bikes use legs to prevent bicycles from moving or slowing down motion, while one-speed bicycle utilizes a brake system.

Also, fixes can move forward or backward using pedals, but one-speed bikes cannot. Similarly is, both kinds have one gear.

Some of the most available single-speed bikes include road, track, and BMX bicycles.

What is the perfect fixie bike for a new rider?

For starters, there are affordable fixed gear bikes with robust frames. Pick a fixie bike with the size that matches you.

Front brakes are also essential for safety objectives, mainly for new riders who are still learning to maneuver a fixie bike.

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Where to buy the Neco Fixie bike?

If you want to buy a Neco fixed-gear bicycle, there are a lot of choices for you to pick from. Bike shops that sell fixies bikes are everywhere.

If you would instead purchase your online bike, Amazon is a great online store specializing in fixie bikes. You can also buy a Neco fixie bike at Walmart.

Things to consider when buying a Fixie


Fixed gear bikes can be costly; anyway, there are affordable fixes that are now accessible in the marketplace.

Anyway, ensure that the bike addresses your needs so you will not get sad after buying it. Reading reviews and asking for a cyclist’s recommendation is beneficial. Spend wisely.


Fixie bikes come in various colors. Some fixies are elegant and easy, while others are stylish. It is necessary to pick a style that reflects your personality.

Level of expertise

Have you tried riding a fixie bike before? For beginners, it is best to pick a fixie bike with a flip-flop rear hub for safety reasons. Brakes are essential to stop injuries.

Starts do not want to purchase a bike that will be the reason for their lives to be in jeopardy.

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Not all fixie bikes are the same. The choice of the fixie bike will also rest on the objective of your usage.

Are you going to utilize it for a competition or just for commuting? Take note that some fixies are not for long-distance use. Further, there are included specs that might be required depending on your needs.

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike, Lightweight Frame for City Riding, Blue

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Reasons to purchase a Neco fixie bike


Although the primary few rides can be a challenge, mastery of riding fixies could outcome in a passion for bicycling.

Further, the adrenaline rush when corning or driving downhill provides riders with a fulfilling and fun adventure.


Drive downhill or uphill for better aerobic fitness. Riding a fixie needs continuous pedaling, which powers your muscles. Additionally, cycling is the best exercise that helps burn more calories in weight reaction.

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There are powerful yet affordable fixed gear bikes for those who genuinely want to own one but have minimal funds. Matched to a costly gym membership, buying a fixie bike is the most affordable.

Tips on how to ride a Neco Fixie bike

Pedal at all times: The Neco fixie will control you if you do not control the bike.

Thus, you keep moving the pedals. It may be challenging since we are used to bicycles with freewheels. Anyway, when you get used to it, you will love the fun of driving a fixie.

Learn how to stop the Fixie

Fixie bikes do not have a brake system. This is performed by backpedaling so that the rear wheel is locked up. Use your leg to prevent the bicycle from being in motion.

Also, slowing down is performed in the same manner. Stopping the fixie bike is one of the expertise you need to master because you could get wounded if you do not know how to perform it.

Practice going around a corner

It is general to feel fear when you are a starter. It would help if you were extra alert when concerning. Learn how to maneuver the bike on bends.

Look ahead to assess the upcoming curbs and provide focus on the exit corner. Stay calm and experience the rush of adrenaline. After days of practice, you can fully enjoy riding.

Master riding the fixie bike downhill

How to drive fixie downhill is a pretty challenge. Some advice is to backpedal to slow down while going down to resist the downward pull. Others advise the use of brakes when going down a hill.

Do not forget about your safety.

It is best to wear suitable clothing such as tight pants or shorts when driving a fixie to reject injuries. Also, front brakes are best to stop the bike in an emergency.

Another way to stop injury is to use toe clips to save your feet to the gearshifts.


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Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike, Lightweight Frame for City Riding, Blue

$283.75  in stock
as of May 18, 2022 10:09 am

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Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike with Front & Rear Brakes

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