Rattan 500W 750W E Bike Review
Rattan 500W 750W E Bike Review

Made for the sandy beaches, path rambles, winter commuting, and groomed Nordic trails, the Rattan 48V 500W/750W E-Bike is the ultimate fat tire.

With 3.0 wide rubbers, this dependable e-bike provides you with an additional boost for cruising.

Features Rattan LM 500W Electric Bike

It has a solid 750W geared hub motor and a 48v, 13AH lithium-ion battery.

This Rattan 48V 500W/750W E-Bike rolled for 60 to 80 miles with pedal-assist mode.

It is worth noting that the battery did not last long in the snow, Rattan 48V 500W/750W E-Bike does not recommend riding this bike below minus four degrees, and a colder temp can damage the battery.

The Rattan 48V 500W/750W E-Bike comes with complete accessories. You do not need to worry about buying new accessories.

Front and rear fenders are very helpful for daily commuting. The headlight, as well as the back light, makes you safe in the dark.

Electric Bicycle Rattan

Besides, it comes with a rear rack handy for shopping or carrying parcels. What is more, this electronic bike is provided with a unique foldable design.

You can bring it to the office or get into your vehicle efficiently.

TEKTRO brakes, one of the finest and well-known braking companies globally, can make top-notch performance in every weather situation.

The front suspension plays a vital part in comfortable riding.

The suspension seat post will not take up while damping.

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Rattan LM 750W Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

IPAS energy control unit is a system for saving power.

It recognizes your riding value through the intelligent controller and perfectly distributes current.

IPAS can efficiently decrease power loss and boost battery performance. Cooperate with the high-efficiency motor to reach an energy-saving effect.

Compared to the conventional control unit, it saves more than fifty percent of electric power.

  • Pros – made riders feel confident and stable all year round.
  • Cons – tires cannot be studded.

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Rattan 500W/750W Electric Mountain Bike

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