REVIBIKES Cheetah 48V 750W Bafang Vintage Electric Bike Review
REVIBIKES Cheetah 48V 750W Bafang Vintage Electric Bike Review

The ReviBikes Cheetah is a 750 W retro-style power bike inspired by 1960s Cafe racer motorcycles.

The Cheetah specs swept-back handlebars, eight-inch classically styled integrated headlight with low and high beams, four fat tires, faux-leather grips and saddle, and a hidden battery in a battery compartment top tube box is made to look like a motorcycle gas tank.

Features REVIBIKES Cheetah Vintage Electric Bike

The Cheetah’s chopper, classic style design is patented by Revi Bikes and is fully special to Revi Bikes.

The Cheetah comes in 2 color choices:

  • Night black with leather – contains a faux leather on the battery cover.
  • Platinum Gray, with red – includes red paint on the battery cover.

There are two battery size choices: the standard battery 48V/13Ah, and the new battery 48V/17.5Ah.

The battery can just be taken out using an Allen Key tool, meaning you will need to have the bike close to an outfit for charging unless you remove the battery.


REVIBIKES Cheetah 48V 750W Bafang Vintage Electric Bike Review
REVIBIKES Cheetah 48V 750W Bafang Vintage Electric Bike Review

Key Features

  • A motorcycle-inspired fat tire power bike with a robust 750 watts geared hub motor from Bafang, unique battery integration to look like a gas tank, and two battery-size choices.
  • High-volume tires offer stability and comfort; oversized sprung saddle, paddle grips, and swept-back handlebar deliver comfort and a decent body. In addition, this bike can handle taller riders.
  • With the highest allowable weight of 330lbs, this is the best electric bike for big people. The integrated headlight has a low and high beam, charming paint matched steel chain cover, and three color choices.
  • Only accessible in one frame size, a basic seven-speed drivetrain with somewhat restricted 13 to 38 tooth caste means that are not many choices for climbing or pedaling at high speed, the 12-magnet cadence sensor. Still, the twist throttle is perfect, and both brake levers have motor inhibitors.

Advantages of Bafang Vintage Electric Bike

The twist throttle is active at zero and overrides each pedal assist level.

Considering the heavy build of this item and less efficient knobby tires, it is perfect to have help getting started.

The 750 watts geared motor and forty-eight-volt battery stem truly kick. The bike was capable of moving Sam with ease.

He weighs 200+ lbs. Ideally, the frame is rated up to 33lbs, while most other e-bikes are just rated for 250lbs or 200lbs but keep an eye on the spokes if you are a heavier rider.

Do not loosen up.

CIVI BIKES Cheetah Video Review -Motorcycle Inspired Electric Bike Design

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