Schwinn Fairhaven vs Perla Vintage Looking Bike
Schwinn Fairhaven vs Perla Vintage Looking Bike

This bicycle is amazing from the base to the top and has everything you need in a cruiser bike. It specs could be presented as a benefit since it is that best.

But, we can and will divide those two. So without extra ado, let’s discuss the key specs of this amazing bicycle.

The frame

Made from steel, the frame can withstand any item.

The fact is that the steel constructions can hold more weight, so if you want to link a basket to your bicycle, feel free to do so.

This bicycle can be your key vehicle when grocery shopping or going to the beach with a completely packed backpack.

Schwinn Fairhaven vs Perla Vintage Looking Bike
Schwinn Fairhaven vs Perla Vintage Looking Bike

Classic fenders

Even though fenders can be known as the stock specs, most producers put fenders only on the rear wheel while the front one stays open.

But not on Schwinn 26 ladies Perla seven-speed cruiser bike. Both wheels have their own classic fenders, which will keep its rider extra safe and dry from any dirt or issue.

They are well incorporated into the full design, so they truly look like they need to be there.

The wheels

It is famous that producers need to oblige by some specific rules when constructing a cruiser bicycle. One of those rules is the size of the wheel.

The wheels are twenty-six inches, and that is mandatory size. Further, the rims are alloy, which again boosts the full level of safety.

And, last but not least, the tires. They are top standard and can withstand almost anything, be alert to not go across the field of glass.

All in all, this bicycle is a masterpiece in comparison to other cruisers.

Whether you love long rides across the countryside or you mainly need a bike as a vehicle, this one is the top on the market.

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