Schwinn Sanctuary (Men)
Schwinn Sanctuary (Men)

7-speed cruiser bikes are particularly expensive due to the heavy-duty gear mechanism that goes into constructing them.

But this pays off a lot in terms of the comfort factor.

Many people prefer going for 7-speed bikes when they want an effortless and smooth ride without breaking a sweat.

Typically 7-speed bikes are fairly expensive.

For example, if you choose to go for the seven-speed model of the Firmstrong Urban, you will need to pay around $100 extra.

Therefore, Schwinn Sanctuary practically challenges the status quo by offering a Shimano 7 speed gear bike at a very reasonable price tag.

The looks of this seven-speed best beach cruiser are nothing less than fascinating.

This cruiser bike is most certainly designed to turn heads. It has a retro look, reminding of the old classical beach bikes.

Yet, at the same time, it has all the curves and aesthetic appeal of modern standards.

It all has a rear cargo rack for better logistics purposes and you can even have a basket installed in the front.

The only rare reported issues have been with the customer service and product arrive without a complete kit.

Nevertheless, this bike has received almost flawless reviews.

So if you are looking for an affordable 7-speed bike, then this is the best cruiser bike to go for.