Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review
Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review

A rather expensive and beautiful bike by Schwinn, but unfortunately has been riddled with complaints of components mismatch or nondelivery.

Schwinn Fairbrook 700C is one of the more expensive Schwinn bicycles for women.

This is a model that looks delicate, but it’s made of steel and is well enduring. Most will find it to be more suitable to fully grown women than to girls.

Even more so, it is a better choice for tall women than for short ones. Surely one can lower both the handle and seat, but the adjustment isn’t always enough.

Plus there are bikes that are made specifically to cater to short women.

Schwinn Fairbrook 700C was made with a concern for the bike weight. It is surprising how light the rims are but it’s understandable since they are made of a lightweight alloy.

The design reflects this lightweight quality. This bike has, all in all, a very simple appearance since it doesn’t have all those extra tubes on the frame as well as a bulky appearance that other Schwinn models have, which makes them look more sophisticated.

Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review
Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review

Design and Simplicity

Schwinn came up once again with a very decent design, at the same time with a strong vintage feeling.

The white is dominating here, although the framework is colored in a nice vivid mint shade and other parts like the rims and the basket are yellow. The chainstays have a very different design than other models.

The bikes feature a wide chain guard piece, which is adorned with a delicate flowery print to match the color scheme. It can also add much to the cuteness factor of the bike, something that women demand.

It does not support a carrier in the back, but the basket in the front should be ample for utility purposes.

It allows for a much smaller load, but it is better than nothing. However, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea if they are in need of carrying more.

There isn’t much complaining if this bike is well-matched with its owner in terms of proportions and performance.

A downside is that the manufacturer doesn’t mention anything about the maximum load it can carry. It’s a big question mark for overweight adults. They may not feel this model as reliable.

The tires are not perfectly calibrated, so it’s definitely recommended to be careful and doesn’t get on this bike when weighing too much. There are ways to set the pressure in the tires so that they’re enabled to handle more weight. This can easily solve the problem but would not necessarily mean the bike is designed for such a configuration.

As for assembling the bike, it normally takes about two hours if there is someone to help.

It’s actually best when two people team up to assemble it, as it can be laborious. In any case, it should work just fine and be an intuitive process.

Performance matching was mentioned earlier and this referred to a match between the user’s possibilities and expectations and the capabilities of the bike. This is a model that is suitable for short but also lengthy trips. It can handle rougher paths, too.

This is a cruiser made to take long sessions. Comfort is ensured even for long rides. The leather seat and the proportions of the frame largely contribute to this. It is a bicycle that meets the tastes of women, at the same time being reliable in the long run.

Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review
Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review

What Do the Customers Have to Say?

Although a beautiful product to witness, unfortunately, it hasn’t received as much praise as some of the other Schwinn models out there.

Yes. the bikes have received praise for its looks. Many have mentioned that it looks stunning in person.

However, there have been many concerns regarding the delivery of the bike. Some have had issues due to missing components whereas others have complained about mismatch components.

All we can hope is that Schwinn addresses all the concerns in order to make this stunning bike worth your money.