Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's 2020
Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's 2020

You need a bike to ride to your friend’s home. To get groceries from down the street.

To get to the beach. For you, a bike is not a lifestyle, it is a way to move a few blocks without having to get in your vehicle.

You are not truly a “trail guy” or need to feel what spending a hundred mph down a hill feels like. You would rather enjoy the ride and take in the sights.

Around the block, a cruise is the best bike for the casual rider.

Perfect for cruises of twenty miles or less, this bike, as its name states, is best for rides around the block.

Features Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Perfect for riders 5’-6’4”, with adjustable handlebars and seats, this bike is basically a couch on wheels.

Wide cruiser handlebars, a cushioned relax saddle, and top-density foam handgrips, the around the block is designed with riders relaxation in mind.

With a single-speed gear system and coaster brakes, this bike is simple to use and reliable, even if you just ride a few times a year.

Plus, the bike comes eighty-five percent pre-assembled and the remaining assembly is simple as insert and tighten.

Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's 2020
Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s 2020

This bike is like a coffee date, relax, laid back, and with no commitments.

Made to be relaxing, peaceful, and ready whenever you get an itch to ride.

We understand that not every person is as crazy as riding bikes like us, which is why we created a relaxed, low maintenance bike for every man.

Best for casual rides and needing low maintenance storage, whenever you do decide to ride you will love every second.

  • Coaster brakes make it a breeze to ride
  • Single-speed simplicity
  • Deluxe cushioned saddle and foam provide you serious relaxation
  • Contains rear back for optional panniers and baskets
  • Fits riders from five feet to six feet, two inches tall


  • Forward pedaling with a low center of gravity for right leg and back place
  • Seat and pedal position makes it possible to stop with your feet flat on the ground
  • Dismounting and mounting is simple
  • Custom dual-spring seat
  • Hand grips are leather stitched
  • Tires are wide enough to offer the required stability


  • Only eighty percent assembled when you buy
  • Designed for men only
  • Only fit riders who are 5ft to 6ft
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