SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser
SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser

One of the best beach cruisers in the market for enthusiasts. Ideal for comfortable rides while boasting a style that would turn heads.

Experience this Best Beach Cruiser Bike. SixThreeZero In the Barrel is the perfect cruiser for all kinds of surfaces. It can roll along comfortably on paved roads and hard dirt, the kind of surface that you find along good scenic beaches.

SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review

However, it would be best if you were warned that this bike might suffer for off-road and soft dirt surfaces.

So choose wisely. Cruiser bikes such as this are designed primarily for one purpose: the joy of the ride in all intense and purposes. You will not want them to ride them to perform stunts or two ride them on steep hills.

They are designed for commute purposes and for enjoying the ride in an upright and comfortable position.

What separates SixThreeZero In the Barrel from the rest, aside from its exquisite and awe-inspiring looks, is the customer service and the premium quality of the bike.

SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser
SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser

So if you are looking to have a relaxing session of biking along the beach, or if you want to commute in your small town, or perhaps you want to show off in front of your bike enthusiasts friends, you will certainly find this bike to your liking.

Jaw-Dropping Style

SixThreeZero has a mission to design bikes that combine the elements of functionality with style. For a product that literally has many moving parts, such a mission is next to impossible.

But as evident from the almost flawless customer reviews, this is one of the best cruiser bikes that really does live up to companies’ mission statements.

Although beach cruiser is basically old classic bikes that have been rethought and redesigned recently, SixThreeZero In the Barrel keeps the essence but disregards the retro style.

Many still prefer the retro looks, but those who are more progressive in style would like what these bikes have to offer.

All beach bikes are designed for commute purposes, but SixThreeZero In the Barrel makes the journey somewhat greater.

People are bound to turn their heads when they behold this beauty. Hence, this bike is the pride, the crown jewel of SixThreeZero Men’s Cruiser Line.

But of course, there is a catch. There is always a catch, especially when the product looks too good to be true. The catch on this bike is its price tag.

Being the flagship bike for men, this bike does ask for a good premium.

A single-speed cruiser bike with good quality would cost you around $200. You can find even cheaper bikes, but I am talking about good quality bikes like Firmstron Urban for Men.

The SixThreeZero In the Barrel costs significantly more. But there is still a good reason for that. And that reason is their customer service. More on this later.

In all cases, you cannot deny the exclusive and exceptional looks of this bike. With its matte black colored 16 inch frame with 26-inch wheels, the looks are unmatched.

  • Color Options: NO
  • Wheel Size: 26 inch
  • Frame Size: 16 inches
  • Speed Options: Single / 3 -speed (Shimano)
  • Brakes: Coaster
  • Dual Spring Saddle
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty ( Frame is Lifetime)
SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser
SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser

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Best Beach Cruiser For Enthusiasts

The Barrel is the bike that every bike enthusiasts dream of from its matte black color to its stitched grips and the dual spring saddle to the fender.  If you belong to the community of enthusiasts as I do, it won’t be easy to find one person who has any qualms about this bike.

This is a great recreational bike for men of 5 ft 6 inches to 6 ft 5 inches tall. The bike’s frame would still ensure that your seating position is upright to remove the pressure off of your back. Students with heavy backpacks would most certainly find this bike to their interest.

Another point to note is the forward pedaling design. This is again a great feature for taller men who would like longer leg extensions.

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Why Should You Buy It?

Well, to me, what appeals the most about this bike and SixThreeZero, in general, is their customer service. They practically treat you like family. There is an excellent story on Amazon where one of the customers says that SixThreeZero replaced theirs In The Barrel Beach Cruiser, which has happened to be damaged in a storm.

They did this completely free of cost. Even besides that, when you make this purchase, you get a personal mechanic and their number to guide you on how to assemble the bike and any future troubleshooting.

Although this may not be the most affordable bike, it is nevertheless one of the best beach cruisers due to its customer service and almost flawless reviews on amazon.

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Sixthreezero “In The Barrel” review

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