SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser Review
SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser Review
 An elegant and stylish cruiser bike for women from a very respected brand in the market. The bike has received almost perfect reviews from its many satisfied customers.

One of the most sought after cruiser bikes for women, this SixThreeZero is all about combining the retro look with today’s fashion to form a stylish classical bike. It not only looks cute but also has the comfort to surpass your expectations and you don’t need to trust me on that.

You can always evaluate for yourself by reading the score of flawless customer reviews. This is a perfect bike that is available in various models and configurations that should satisfy the taste of many.

Other than the curves of the bars, the most noticeable aspect of the design is the stitched saddle and grips. However, we all know that cruiser bikes are not just about looks, their prime functionality is their ride comfort. Although all bikes can get you from point A to point B, cruiser bikes make the ride a lot more relaxing.

The way they are designed, your posture will always be upright without putting pressure on your back. Therefore, a cruiser bike is something that you can take for a joy ride, for a workout, for grocery, to school and also to work. This SixThreeZero is just the right cruiser bike for women without any doubt.

Cute Beach Cruiser

SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser Review
SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser Review

One of the biggest highlights of the design of this bike is its vintage look. I am certain most of you would have already fallen for the retro design aspect. With its classy saddle and grips with rear and front fenders and the curves, what is there not to love?

The quality of the built is yet another splendid accomplishment of this beach cruiser. Although this is not the most affordable cruiser bike in the market, it most certainly is one of the most well built. This bike speaks of quality from every corner. It is easy to assemble, fun to ride and a beauty to behold.

The quality of the product is only matched by the customer service. SixThreeZero has one of the best customer services in the bike market. There is a story about a customer who had her bike damaged by Hurricane Sandy and upon request, SixThreeZero replaced the damaged bike with a new one. This should speak volumes about the quality of not only this bike but about the brand in general.


  • Wheel Size 26-inch
  • Speed options: Single/3-speed/7-speed; Shinamo Gear System
  • Frame Size: 17-Inch classic women’s cruiser steel frame with fenders
  • Color Options: Yes
  • Nexus shifter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Frame is Lifetime
  • Coaster brakes for single and 3 speed; Hand brakes for 7 speed

The one thing to definitely note here is that the coaster brakes are only available for single and 3-speed models. The seven-speed model has handbrakes. Also, you should note that handbrakes do damage the look of the bikes a bit with their brake cables. However, in the end, a 7-speed bike is definitely the right one to go for if you prefer speed and smoothest ride on hilly neighbors.

Should You Buy It?

Most certainly you should. This beach bike has almost flawless reviews. Out of 193 customer reviews, the bike has received 173 5/5 stars. In a market place like amazon, getting this many 5/5 stars is next to impossible especially a product that literally has a lot of moving parts.

Plus, SixThreeZero has unparalleled customer service. They practically treat you like family. To me personally, customer service matters a lot and SixThreeZero is definitely a winner in that respect.

The only relative drawback is the high price. You can find great models from other brands such as from Firmstrong at a cheaper price; however, for the quality, form factor, style and customer service of this bike, I would say little premium is completely fair.