SWAGTRON Swag Cycle EB 5 E Bike
SWAGTRON Swag Cycle EB 5 E Bike

SWAGTRON Swag cycle EB-5 folding electronic bike offers all you’d wish from an e-bike with some bonus of it bring easily portable mode.

SWAGTRON is known for making a few of the best-selling electronic hoverboards and scooters.

Featurs SWAGTRON Swag Cycle EB-5 E-Bike

With the SWAGTRON Swag cycle EB-5 E-bike, they are using their expertise in the world of e-bikes with some significant effects.

From its very lightweight frame to its neutral balance, it is straightforward to own, making the SWAGTRON Swag cycle EB-5 E-bike simple to carry up a flight of stairs.

It is the best starter e-bike for somebody branching into this category who wants something to manoeuver and equally simple to ride.

The geometry of the e-bike means virtually anybody between four feet 10 inches and six feet seven inches can ride it comfortably.

It is lightweight but durable, combining a smooth and stable journey with a clever design.

It can reach a pace of 15 miles per hour on battery power alone and packs into a compact bag.

It folds up small without every exposed piece, meaning there is no chance of accidentally smearing oil as it is transported.

With most connections and components integrated into the frame, it is the best urban e-bike and ideal for commuting.

The SWAGTRON Swag cycle EB-5 E-bike is so compact that it comes pre-assembled.

No need to examine how to assemble it yourself. Unpack it, and it is ready to ride right away.

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  • Speeds up to 15 plus miles per hour
  • Comfortable to ride a long way
  • Folds up to suitable stowage size
  • Extremely versatile and adjustable
  • The battery lasts up to fifteen miles each charge


  • Weight limit of 264
  • Not recommended for huge jumps
  • The battery is built-in
  • Kickstand spring a slight flimsy

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